Monday, July 22, 2013

Dear Mom, You are amazing.

week of July 15-21

This week you spent many hours caring for mrs. tapa’s children while mr. and mrs. tapa packed up their house and moved. I was amazed many times at the love you showed all of us – it must have been a bit hard hosting us while taking care of them. Thank you for doing so many fun things with us along with the requisite diaper-changing and timeout-administering! :)

On Monday DC and Fluffy left very early for scout camp and were gone all week. The tapa children weren’t here yet, and you spent hours sewing with Hummer and Rosebud, making a rag-quilt and a “monster,” respectively.



I love your sewing room in the morning. Such a peaceful place.



photo (9)


Some fun things we did after they got here. . . .

little bit of geocaching

Mom's photos 1221

Mom's photos 1219

little bit of picnicking and playgrounding

Mom's photos 1247

please pardon my bad hair day – still getting used to styling without humidity :)

Mom's photos 1243

Mom's photos 1242


50 pts to any Snowflakians out there who can name these parks :)

We went swimmin’.





I love this one. It looks like Hummer is about to set sail with his nostrils catching the breeze. :)

We enjoyed local entertainment – Thursday Night at the Park fiddling and a melodrama entitled The Pithy Plight of Poor, Pitiful, Penniless Pauline.





On Thursday, your temple day, Exacto and I took everyone for a walk.





Exacto as a beast of burden

Exacto worked pretty hard all week, actually. Baby sitting, helping Grandpa with the wood (as a wage earner :), practicing the piano, and slaying rabbits (picture available upon request).


isn’t my nephew adorable? :)


You worked hard, too, cutting hair and making more monsters.



IMG_7472 crop

I am inspired by your loving willingness to watch those three little cuties for almost a whole week in order to help their parents, even when you had company. That is awesome. I want to be more like you.

Thank you for all the fun things we did. It was a great week.




Vauna said...[Reply to comment]

Your mom is a wonderful person, someone we all could be more like. Our mothers are alike uh many ways. Sounds like a wonderful week.
I'm in love with your mom's sewing room. I'm pretty sure I need one just like it!

heroineworshipper said...[Reply to comment]

That is a very ambitious sewing room. Does she make space suits?

llamitanan said...[Reply to comment]

It is so fun having family around that whatever we do seems easier. Thank you for acknowledging the good times we had together. It was definitely a big benefit having your family there to associate with the Tharp children too. Your children play so well with others and enjoy helping the younger ones. Thank you, thank you for all of YOUR HELP!

A. B. said...[Reply to comment]

I love her. She is seriously the most amazing woman and feel SO lucky to be part of your family :) This was a wonderful post! All your posts are wonderful :) Must be a reflection of the lady who writes them!