Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Mom, (+ quotables :)

week of June 24 - 30

It’s been kind of a tough week and I can’t even explain why. It was like we had been blessed and helped along so much during the move, and now we were being set down and left again to more of our own strength. Anyway, it felt like there were lots of problems and not much progress on any of them, and the kids were bickerish all week and I was restless and wishing I was the one going back to school! (DC says he’d gladly trade me :). Add record heat and the decision by the Supreme Court to disregard the clear voice of the people in California*, and it was a bit cranky around here.

(*Did you read the Church’s statement on that? Pretty strong. I think I detect Elder Oaks in those words. :))

But we tried to make the best of the week, anyway.


idyllic backyard scene.

(don’t let it deceive you. three of the above people were picking at each other all day.)




I didn’t take many pictures. Thus, I shall add some quotables, so as to end with a smile.

It was Exacto’s last week of summer band, and they finished it off with an outdoor concert on the grass in front of the high school. We sat on a blanket and enjoyed. Rosebud got restless, but then danced and did somersaults through a lot of it. :)



We are so happy to be coming to the family reunion soon. I hope that you are happy to have us there. . . . We’ll try not to bring the crankage with us. :)





5/15/13 ~ Hummer: "I wish that I was allowed to grow maggots in the house. That would be very nice of you."


5/19/13 ~ Fluffy: "In Priesthood everyone was singing in a low voice and I was the only one singing high and it was horrible!"


6/1/13 ~ Rosebud, singing: "I am a child of God, and so my knees are great. . . ."


6/11/13 ~ Rosebud: “Please may we buy a cow?”

I explained that we don’t have enough room, and the cow would run out of grass.

Rosebud: “Well, then we could open our gate and she could eat the next grass. And after she eats all of that grass, she could eat the dirt!”


6/9/13 (as recorded by Fluffy)

Rosebud: “There’s a wheel in our nose that turns really fast, and I think I just broke it, because my nose really hurts.”


6/8/13 (as recorded by Exacto)

Rosebud was trying really hard to shut the screen door so that bugs wouldn’t come in, but she couldn’t. Finally, she said, “I guess the bugs really want to come in!”


6/29/13 Rosebud has a cute little stuffed rabbit that she has named. . . .


“Pink Warshmellow Icecream”

(Saying “warshmellows” is something I desperately hope she never grows out of! It’s actually the most fervent desire of my heart right now. :)


llamitanan said...[Reply to comment]

I am glad you did leave the crankiness before coming to our home. We loved having you in Arizona and wished you could have stayed even longer than the three weeks. You and your family are welcome any time.