Monday, June 24, 2013

Dear Mom,

week of June 17 - 23

Our second week in Fort Collins began with a delightful ‘surprise’ on our front doorstep – fresh milk from a local dairy! I had gone with Hummer and Rosebud to one of the farmers markets here and signed up for milkman delivery. It costs a little more than buying it at the grocery store, but less than milk did in AR -- and it just suits that old-fashioned side of me that is always telling me I was born in the wrong century.


We all loved it. Every Monday morning now we look forward to it!



On Tuesday we went again to Spring Canyon park. The playground is just as much fun as the splash pad. (Exacto was at summer band practice).

005 (2)

014 (2)

017 (2)

We are enjoying the dry climate here. It is almost always breezy, too—perfect for hanging our clothes to dry. (Which works out well since we gave away our dryer before moving and haven’t bought another one yet. I know our neighbors are just so thrilled we have moved here. <ahem>)

018 (2)

We had our first epic bike ride. After seriously slathering us all down with sunscreen and packing water bottles, snacks and the first aid kit, we set out on a 3 hour ride. (DC ended up having to interrupt his studies to come rescue us because I was exhausted. He rode home with the boys. :)

019 (2)

We went to a nearby “Prairie Natural Area”, which is GORGEOUS.

Behold. . . .






Are you ready to move here yet? :) PLEASE?

We had a visit from or event with a ward member every single day that week. We feel super welcome! And even a little spoiled. :)

Monday night the missionaries came for dinner and taught our FHE lesson.

Tuesday the Primary president came to bring us yummy chicken curry for dinner and to visit Hummer and Rosebud, and later our bishop and one of his counselors came and visited us.

Wednesday we went to a playgroup at the park and the boys had scouts.

Thursday was a sports playgroup with ward members and a visit from the Relief Society president and one of her counselors and in the evening, book group.

Friday we were invited to a campfire cookout at a ward member’s home.

They had chickens and a tire swing and a gorgeous view. We have decided that if we get to stay here after DC’s schooling is done we want to live right by them!

024 (2)

025 (2)

0616 to 0622

I found out later that the boy on the tire swing with them is named Benjamin. I just think that’s pretty awesome. Even about the right age. . . . :)

021 (2)

022 (2)

After it started to get dark, our hostess asked DC to play some fiddle. He stood near the campfire and spun out Orange Blossom Special and some Bach while the kids danced and jumped around. So fun!

We miss our beloved friends in Arkansas, and I still get a pang whenever I think about Benjamin’s grave so far away, but we have definitely fallen in love with this place.

Can’t wait to see you in a few days for the reunion!

Love always,



heroineworshipper said...[Reply to comment]

Beware of Indian attacks.

The Hof family said...[Reply to comment]

that's funny, we started getting our milk from a local dairy as well. We also get their eggs and bacon! It's so much fun and tastes so much better! We really should live in the same state or better neighborhood and you guys can either swing by August or Labor Day weekend. Both should work. Anne will be here the first week of August for the Organ Workshop at BYU. Talk to you soon.

Vauna said...[Reply to comment]

I'm so glad that your new home and ward have been so good to you. I love the pics and being able to know what's going on in your lives.

llamitanan said...[Reply to comment]

I'm glad you have adjusted so well to Colorado. How impressive for all of you to go on a bike ride together! You are amazing! Look forward to coming and meeting Ft. Collins in the near future. We bought fresh milk when I was growing up and I LOVED it.