Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rock-climbing 27.09.08

We had a blast at the Fall Fest a couple of Saturdays ago, and the highlight was *free rock-climbing*! Hummer was too small, but Exacto and Fluffy gave it a try, and Exacto even made it all the way to the top. (Look at the next-to-last picture to see how high that was.)



Mom/Nana/A. Nancy said...[Reply to comment]

Wow! What a fun activity! Did you get nervous, Exacto or Fluffy? Call me when you can chat or webcam, Exacto and Fluffy! I like the way you posted all the pictures in a collage.

rustybeaver said...[Reply to comment]

Way to go boys! You did awesome. I bet Hummer is so excited to try that in a couple of years. I love the pictures and can't wait to see you!

Barry said...[Reply to comment]

Way to go Exacto and Fluffy! I'm impressed with Exacto making it to the top. I did a climbing wall with our scouts at scout camp this summer and I couldn't make it to the top.

GumbyandPokey said...[Reply to comment]

That is HIGH! I did a ropes course one time when I was an adventurous college student. Don't think I could do it now.


Becky said...[Reply to comment]

How fun! Good job, Exacto!

snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

Good job, boys! You two are so brave! There's no way I would ever get on that wall. And, Exacto, way to go for making it to the top!