Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Letter from a Missionary Brother

I hope it's all right (with Dallin) that I share a few sentences from the delightful letter I received from him yesterday. He writes such thoughtful letters, and I love his gift for words. Most of all, I love his testimony.

"So, by the time you get this, you will be less than two months away from delivery. That will be great. And since it's around the same time Mark and Amanda get married, I will get two new family members around the same time! That's very exciting. Let's see, four of my five older siblings will have had children since I left, and the other will have been married. Amazing. Time just flies.
"How does it feel to have a baby born? Interesting, I'm sure. It sure is to get a new companion. I said goodbye to Elder Nelson, walked into a room, and said hello to Elder Liu, without seeing Elder Nelson again or either of them seeing each other. I then spent twenty-four hours a day with him. It's great to always have someone to talk to and work with.
"Missionary work really is rewarding. Even though sometimes I wish the results were more visible, I am confident that no effort is wasted, like the Brethren say in Preach My Gospel. It's true. Even if everyone says no in a day, I don't feel it was a waste of time. Sure it would be nice if I caught pneumonia from spending all day in the basptismal font, as Elder Holland put it, but I know that everyone has their agency, and this work is in the hands of the Lord. The Gospel really is true. I feel like there are still more I need to share it with.
"Well, good luck with the last little while of your pregnancy. I look forward to seeing a picture of the freshest addition to the bakery! Love, your brother, Elder Dallin Bailey"