Monday, August 27, 2012

First week of school

first day was 8.20.12


Exacto is in 9th grade.



Fluffy at the middle school, in 6th grade.



and Hummer’s back to public school, this year in 3rd grade.

090 with arrow


. . . .so do you think Rosebud is moping and sad because it’s just her and Mommy?


That first day with just the two of us again, we made a “meditation jar.” If you start to get upset, just shake the jar and pretend like your thoughts are the glitter, and just watch them all settle. It’s magic.


And we had some fun mornings with friends, including one of my favorite people in this world, Vicki. She’s from Bolivia and is cheerful, generous, and humble. She calls me “Sister” because we are both members of the Church of Jesus Christ. I love her.


Rosebud is honing her mothering skills. She takes her dolls, or “Dadas” (a name derived from one doll’s seemingly metaphysical ability to say that word when compressed at the abdomen), literally everywhere with her. And they are subject to the same treatment she herself receives, being buckled into carseats (we have had to evict Blue Dada a couple of times in order to get Rosebud in!), feeding, going for walks, etc.

Here she is doing Purple Dada’s hair:

spraying. . .


combing. . . (note Purple Dada’s excellent conditioning – no tangles!)


and applying a “french braid” (her word for rubber bands). . . .



On Saturday we had a family excursion to Toltec Mounds, which were not built by the Toltec people, but rather the Plum Bayou, apparently in about 2nd century AD.

Verrry interesting place!


I had thought they were used for burial, but I learned that most were not. These two big ones were probably platforms for temples or residences of cultural leaders.

The sun came out! :)


We enjoyed our self-guided walking tour, stopping and reading out loud from the guidebook every few hundred yards.


(Rosebud insisted on carrying the guidebook).



And what would be a trip to the Mounds without a little appropriate chocolate refreshment? :)


The End.

P.S. It is hurting my perfectionism not to tinker with these photos and their lighting, but today is bill-paying day and I have delayed it long enough!