Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Fun

“For some ridiculous reason, to which, however, I’ve no desire to be disloyal. . . .”   ~ Pirates of Penzance

No profundities today, just a little light cultural frolic.

This Gilbert and Sullivan song has always given me sympathy for people who have today as their birthday. So, if that’s you, here’s a quadrupled wish of goodwill for your REAL birthday today! :)

Start at 2:18 and chuckle with sympathy at Frederic’s plight. . . .

(Pirates of Penzance–Paradox–video)


Hummer and I are enjoying a special celebration today for school in honor of Leap Day.

We’re playing leapfrog out in the gorgeous spring weather,

doing some math around the theme of 29 (make 29 cents with as many different coin combinations as you can, etc.),

using some of the “extra day” just to snuggle and read on the couch,

and leaping--er, jumping--on the trampoline.



I didn’t realize till I saw the “fancy Google” that today is also Gioachino Rossini’s birthday. Hummer immediately wanted to know exactly which birthday this was for him. . . .he was born on Leap Day 1792, so 220 years divided by 4 makes this Rossini’s 55th birthday. Hummer said that means he’s probably a grandpa. :)

Can’t resist posting the most famous performance of Rossini’s music of all time. . . .Hey, by now it’s a classic, right?

Rabbit of Seville video (with beginning cut)

(Rossini probably rolls over in his grave every time someone watches this. :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 55 - { new bible videos }

I think continuing my 100 Days of Gratitude goes right along with my goaL for this year, don’t you? :)

And so, here’s something that’s been making me smile lately. . . .

I have been so excited about this latest film project from the Church, ever since the first excerpts were shown at the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.

video : A Gift to the World


I was blown away by the incredibly good acting and gorgeous cinematography, by the delicious British accents here and there that seem so appropriate for the King James version language, by the intimate, quiet feel that each scene has.

I came home and watched all of the available episodes again several times, and subscribed to the updates so I could know as soon as possible when they started added the others.

video : The Wise Men Seek Jesus

Quiet. All you hear is the grass swishing with the wind, and occasionally exhales from the camel. It really puts you there! I love what the actor said on this production video about the journey being like our journey – no matter how long or difficult, worth it, as we finally lay the gift of our life before the Lord.


The three that have been added since Christmas are SO GOOD, too!!! I absolutely love each one.

video : Jesus Teaches About the Widow’s Mites


The woman at the well episode is, as the others, directly quoted from the KJV, which I have read and heard hundreds of times, yet with watching this production of the story, I gained so many new insights and have been thinking about it off and on ever since.

video : Jesus Teaches a Samaritan Woman

From the main page you can also get the free mobile app, or subscribe to them as a podcast in iTunes, or all the other latest techie options you might want.


I hope all the rest are this amazing! And I hope you will take time to watch them for yourself. I will never think about those stories the same way again. 


And, as a fun bonus. . . .


My friend Real had the privilege of being an extra on the set, and shared in detail on her blog what that was like with these three posts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And here’s a behind-the-scenes article from the Church.


100 days of gratitude tagI love the Book of Mormon deeply and completely, but man, do I love the Bible, too! I am so grateful for the firsthand account it gives of the One I call Savior and Redeemer!