Thursday, February 25, 2010


A nasty little bug is making its way through our family over the past week. Today is Hummer's second (and a half) day with it. I have to admit sneakily that I love it when they "have" to stay home from school. I think I'm still a homeschooling mom at heart. :)



(I promise this kid was running a high fever just a few hours ago!)


"One time at recess someone who wasn't my friend yet asked me to marry her."

"Really! What did you say?"





"I hope when I'm a dad that I won't need to shave."



here he is trying to do the sign for "I love you" with his foot :)


He's pretty savvy about the whole breastfeeding thing. I made the mistake of telling him that my milk comes in when I even THINK about Rosebud. Today he was saying, "Think about Rosebud, Mommy!"

And then, "Mommy, which side are you going to feed Rosebud on?"

"I can't remember."

"Well, does Rosebud remember which side?"




He's been at the table "eating lunch" for about two hours now. As I type this, I can hear him singing "Poor little bug on the wall."


It's not fair that Mrs. Osborn gets this cutie 8 hours a day! Maybe I should homeschool again next year. . .

Monday, February 22, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Project 365 Rosebud

Thank you so much for the supportive comments, everyone. They make me feel not so helpless. Ya know what I mean?

And now, for proof, that she really is happy sometimes, too. . . . :)

My dad suggested that I take at least one picture of Rosebud every single day for her first year. That way we could see the changes that are imperceptible from moment to moment. I thought it was a great idea, but I "improved" on it and take about 4,000 per day. (No wonder my hard drive bit the dust, eh? :)

Here's a collage of days 47 - 54, along with some captions from our favorite neighbor Roger. . . .

Project 365 - Rosemary

Day 47 - "I came with instructions. Read my shirt."

Day 48 - "This is my other good side."

Day 49 - "Mommie, please, not in front of the camera. Oh, alright."

Day 50 - "You woke me up for a photo op?"

Day 51 - "I'm just chillin' in my blue period."

Day 52 - "Pretty in pink, that's me."

Day 53 - "I can do this, Mommie, you can let go."

Day 54 - "I feel like an Easter egg. Oh well, cute is as cute does."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

soothing skillz and ranitidine

An update on our little GERDling:

The doctor put her on a teeny dose of ranitidine (zantac), which seemed to help almost immediately. I was all set to write a jubilant post about the wonder-drug, but then it became apparent that it only helps and doesn't remove the trouble completely. Today, for example, has been a crying, hiccuping, spitting-up day. . . :(

But I do think that her good days outnumber her bad now.


I am really grateful to have finally figured out what was going on. Back around the time she was 5 - 6 weeks old, a good day was when I managed to get dressed by the time the boys got home from school. My brain felt fragmented, like our hard drive (ha), and I was starting to feel like Linguine on Ratatouille: "I'm insane I'm insane I'm insane I'm insane!"

And now I have gained empathy for others who have gone through this. I used to have a sort-of complacent way of thinking, "Well, they must not be willing to hold their baby as much as she needs" or whatever. Well, now I know. Sometimes babies hurt and you can't help them. And then all you can do is kiss them and hope they feel better soon. . .

IMG_1944 cropped

Thursday, February 11, 2010

good news and not-as-good news. . . .

. . . .as pertaining to this blog, such as it is:

The good news is we have a new hard drive! And that means PICTURES! Yay!

The bad news is that poor sweet Rosebud seems to be suffering from infant reflux. She spits up often, gets hiccups about 27 times a day, and has days where she sleeps for only about 20 minutes at a time (even some nights - ouch). I've always been able to comfort my babies, so to have one hurting to the point that I can't always help is really hard. I feel so bad for her!!!

We're taking her to the doctor tomorrow, and hopefully she'll get some relief soon! (Anyone out there with experience with this?)

I suppose I should say this isn't really bad news--I am so grateful just to have her and that she is healthy. That is a blessing I will never take for granted again.

She's just a bit uncomfortable for the time being. And anti-blogging. :)

But she's awful cute. I kiss her about a million times per day.


last Saturday night's bath, as photographed by Fluffy


Some things about our Rosebud:

She loves her diaper changes (never cries during these)!

She hates her car seat (always cries).

She has blue eyes and gorgeous eyelashes.

She smiles the most stunningly sweet smiles you've ever seen. (I wish I could capture this on my camera!)

She prefers Daddy's pinkie to any pacifier.



after church last Sunday (her first time!)

She is exactly 52 days old today. I could nearly fill up my remaining Days of Gratitude with each day she has spent with us.

And I have thanked Father in Heaven passionately for each one.