Thursday, December 30, 2010

Roseberry's 1st Birthday - 12/21/10

WHERE did you come from, baby dear?   
Out of the everywhere into here.  

Where did you get those eyes so blue?   
Out of the sky as I came through.

What makes your forehead so smooth and high?   
A soft hand stroked it as I went by.

What makes your cheek like a warm white rose?   
I saw something better than any one knows.

~George Mac Donald (1824–1905)


This day that I had tried not to dread turned out to be really fun. And I'm okay with her being one now. I think. I am starting to find joy that is stronger than the sorrow at this phase of life ending. It is a blessing.

We sang to her over and over throughout the day. Exacto freaked out at his 1st birthday party when the lights went out and everyone started singing, so I wanted her to be prepared. :)

In the evening we had her party with just us.

496 edit

There was an absolutely gorgeous sunset as we went outside to take some pictures with the balloons.



~ in her birthday tutu :) ~

(I made it for her using this tutorial).


520 523





This is one of my favorites of her from the day. Can't you just see that sweet, sunny personality she has? :)



~ surrounded by the men in her life ~





This was supposed to have LAVENDER ROSEBUDS. Just envision that for me. Please note, also, the rosemary sprigs. Isn't that profound? Not to mention the tights in the background. :)


025 lavender roses

Like this, ya know? (Are you impressed by my mad photoshop skillz? :)



She was reaching for the frosting already. . . .



~ one of those moments I want framed and hanging in my heart ~



~ her first authorized ice cream -- a rite of passage in our family ~





She even helped with the dishes afterward! :)


Oh, how grateful we are for this burst of sunlight into our family!

We love you, sweet daughter.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Fiddler's Family

I wish I could send each of you a real one of these! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday!


Christmas Card 2010


We rejoice in the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, the cause for the dearest hopes of our hearts.

How we love Him and praise Him!

Merry Christmas.


And if you really, really love us, you might enjoy reading the following "Dictionary of Bakerish Terms". . . .

ben·ja·min \'bӗn-jə-mĭn\ 1. Fourth son whose 3rd birthday was celebrated this year with Aunt Becky and cousins Jozef and Jenya. 2. Beloved member of the Fiddler family who is daily remembered and missed.

DC \abb. Darling Cutie \ 1. Refers to a professional violinist with a strong preference for ice cream and an ever cheerful disposition, despite an unsuccessful audition with the Utah Symphony in September. 2. One who is grateful for his current position with the Arkansas Symphony and Rockefeller Quartet. 3. Husband and father who displays willingness to camp with scouting sons and to pace a room with infant daughter for hours at a time to the strains of Beethoven violin sonatas. 4. A traveler on occasion, including a trip to his brother Bob’s wedding this year.

exacto \ĭg-zăk'tō\ 1. A very exact, precise member of the Fiddler family, often observed reading, doing homework, or fulfilling his duties as a deacon. 2. The first child of the Fiddler and his wife, has been known to read the dictionary for fun (just kiddon!), and play the French horn at school. 3. A twelve-year-old boy with an everlasting craving for chocolate, ice cream, and Fablehaven. 4. Has been known to express excessive interest in the computer, as well as measurable diligence in Scouting achievement, having nearly attained the rank of Star.

hum·mer \'hŭmər\ 1. a nearly-seven-year-old boy in the Fiddler family with a distinct affinity for applesauce, pineapple, maple syrup, and “Wosebewwie” sic. 2. The third child of the Fiddler and his wife, a devotee of all things 1st grade, especially his teacher. 3. Contender for the title of “Top Reader” of his class, he unfortunately considers the stairs in the Fiddler home his “stomping ground”. 4. Often exhibits a contagious giggle and a knack for some pretty sweet dance moves.

lar·ynx \'lar-iŋks\ n the upper part of the trachea containing the vocal chords.

mi·chelle \mĭ-'shĕl\ 1. Adult female member of the Fiddler family, known to be semi-permanently attached at the hip to the youngest member of the Fiddler family 2. Mother of five, age 30-something, showing an affinity to cooking and blogging, and a desperation to get more organized. 3. One who is known to read too much, and who strives not to covet others’ digital SLR cameras. 4. Exhibiting an inclination to reverse the effects of aging on her children.

rose·ber·ry \'rōz-bā-rē\ 1. The pinnacle of sweetness and adorability, having blond hair, four teeth, three larynxes, two blue eyes, and one tenacious predisposition to awaken multiple times at night. 2. One year old on 12/21/10. 3. Also known as “Brunhilda” (see above regarding number of larynxes). 4. A word describing “the cutest object in the universe” (according to her brothers).

fluf·fy \'flŭf-ē\ 1. The second child of the Fiddler family, being 9 ½ years old, and having nearly achieved the Bear rank in the Cub Scouting organization. 2. Refers to a peaceful boy with a propensity to get straight A’s and devour great literature with a hearty appetite. 3. Having the quality of or pertaining to a young man with a penchant for harmonizing ad lib, as well as playing the violin and piano. 4. Also refers to one who grows out of his clothes faster than his mom can buy them.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dearest blog,

I miss you desperately. It has been too long since we have been together. I think of you every day, think of things I would like to tell you, beautiful thoughts that beg to be expressed. Almost every day this year has been a Day of Gratitude.

How I long to sit and chat with you for hours and catch up on everything. To tell you of Exacto's first band concert and Fluffy's looking so handsome in his new glasses. How Hummer wanted to "lick the kitchen floor" so he would get sick and not have to go to school when there was a substitute.

I wish I could spend an hour every day just conveying to you the winning ways of our beloved baby Rosebud in her last few days of being less than a year old. Or telling you of the kindness of DC and his birthday gift to me of a whole day with free hands, even when he is so busy himself.

Alas, our time is not now. But it is coming soon, I know it. A day will soon come, when Rosebud WILL go to bed in her crib before 11pm, and take at least one regular nap per day. (I am relying on the Australian Baby Whisperer's plan for this!) A day when our tangle with the city over the ditch in our yard will be resolved, and my peace of mind restored. I have high hopes. . . .

Please wait for me, and know that my heart is still with you.

With longing,