Get Acquainted

Some Biographical Tidbits :) 
Born December 17, 1977. I am Old. 
I have two little sisters and five little brothers. Yep, I'm the oldest of 8.
Grew up in the mountainous foothills of beautiful Tucson, Arizona.
Moved in the middle of my senior year with my family to Allentown, PA. 
Went to BYU, and got Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance.
Met DC, and fell madly in love. Gave up plans for a mission and graduate school without much arm-twisting.
We married on April 19, 1997 in the Mesa Arizona Temple.
Exacto was born 14 months later, during our last year in Utah. 
Spent 6 years in Tallahassee, FL, for DC to get his Masters and Doctorate of Music. Fluffy and Hummer were born during this time.
Moved to Arkansas for DC's first real Job. Benjamin and Rosebud were born here.

Some Things I Love
books - especially the classics
snuggling with Rosebud 
writing - not very good at it, but aspiring!
singing - (see above)
learning new things
reading to my boys 
being with my family - they live way too far away!
being with friends 
traveling and experiencing other cultures

Most Important to Me  
My relationship with Heavenly Father
Following Jesus Christ
The Fiddler
Our children