Thursday, August 27, 2009

Exacto. . . .in middle school


I have about a billion things to say, and I don't know where to start. I'm a little bit frozen blog-wise because I don't know what to do with "Mama's Boys" now that I'm going to have a daughter! (I'm open to suggestions. . . .!)

I'm sure I'll get into my groove again soon. Now that school has been in for over a week, the blues are lightening up (it was TOUGH sending Hummer to kindergarten--ouch) and I'm feeling really pretty good most of the time! In fact, I would say that I feel better now than I have for the past two years! More about why later. . . .

For now, I just had to share this telling moment. Exacto came home from school (where he has a LOCKER and SEVEN CLASSES and the girls are all a FOOT taller than he is) bearing a bright purple flyer advertising the "Back to School" Dance. !!

After being reassured by me that not only did he NOT HAVE to go, but I didn't want him going to dances at all until he's 14 and then it would be much better if they are the church dances, he promptly went and put it cheerfully through the shredder.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 33 - { ultrasound results }

DC and the boys came with me to my doctor's appointment today so they could see the ultrasound. We were all so excited that when the receptionist called my name to give me back my card the whole family jumped up. :)


Finally it really was time, and we all crowded into the small room that holds such bittersweet memories for me. The technician began without delay, and we watched the screen a bit breathlessly.


As she confirmed the four chambers of the heart and showed us the beautifully healthy spine, Hummer and Fluffy both declared that they really hoped it was a girl. I felt sure it was another boy, and was already envisioning my five handsome sons.




After the ultrasound, Exacto went with me to the exam room, and while we were waiting, he took this picture. . . .


Then we went joyfully home. We had to make a quick dinner before heading to school for the boys' Open Houses they couldn't find their shoes today because they left them in Albuquerque on the way home this morning was dentist appointments blah blah blah blah.
















Oh, you want to know the gender of our new baby? :)




















ultrasound results

it's a girl!!!!?


Talk about rocking our world! I am in total shock (see picture from beginning of post. :)


You know she's either going to be a total princess with four big brothers to protect her, or a complete tomboy!



We bought these dresses tonight in the euphoric aftermath. . . .

( Did I type that right? WE bought DRESSES?!!!? )


. . . .and had peach shortcake to celebrate.



The absolute best part of the ultrasound was seeing that everything is well with this baby. All the necessary parts are there and appear to be developing properly. Oh, how grateful we are! Thank You, Heavenly Father!


100 days of gratitude tag 

I'm going to have a. . . .DAUGHTER?!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer's Last Hurrah

Our last two weeks of summer break are being spent out west again. It's been pretty awesome. :)

{ last week }

Swimming. . . . .



Taking the boys to see where Mommy and Daddy were married. . . .(and dropping off DC at the airport to go to his brother's wedding in Oregon)



Helping Ruby adjust to her new home. . . .



A very late night with Jofus :). . . . .



More swimming. . . .



Sweet remembering. . . .



And hoping. . . .




{ this week }Michelle's post

we will. . . .

drive up to Utar

squeeze ickle nieces and nephews

go on the famous BYU golf cart tour

attend Didier's wedding in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple

eat lots of yummy stuff (dare I hope for Cafe Rio and Creamery ice cream?)

drive back to Arkansas



Two days after we get back, school starts, and MY BABIES will be gone ALL DAY!!! WAAAAAHHHHH! So I am going to try really really hard to enjoy them during our 33 hours in the car this week. The stakes are high, eh? :)