Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer's Last Hurrah

Our last two weeks of summer break are being spent out west again. It's been pretty awesome. :)

{ last week }

Swimming. . . . .



Taking the boys to see where Mommy and Daddy were married. . . .(and dropping off DC at the airport to go to his brother's wedding in Oregon)



Helping Ruby adjust to her new home. . . .



A very late night with Jofus :). . . . .



More swimming. . . .



Sweet remembering. . . .



And hoping. . . .




{ this week }Michelle's post

we will. . . .

drive up to Utar

squeeze ickle nieces and nephews

go on the famous BYU golf cart tour

attend Didier's wedding in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple

eat lots of yummy stuff (dare I hope for Cafe Rio and Creamery ice cream?)

drive back to Arkansas



Two days after we get back, school starts, and MY BABIES will be gone ALL DAY!!! WAAAAAHHHHH! So I am going to try really really hard to enjoy them during our 33 hours in the car this week. The stakes are high, eh? :)


snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

Wow, what an exciting summer you're having!!! I hope you all thoroughly enjoy your last week out in the desert. =) You look so beautiful in your pictures (my favorite is of you in the pink shirt looking down at your cute baby belly)! Love ya!

Mary D said...[Reply to comment]

It looks like you all are enjoying yourselves! I love your photos and your baby belly! Mt. Timp was the very first temple I ever went in. We had just joined the church and moved to Utah and they were having the open house and our whole family went through it, great memories!

Natalie.Rob.Branson said...[Reply to comment] look so cute with your little baby bump! It sounds like you have a full trip and that you and the kiddos are enjoying every minute of it. Beautiful memorial for Benjamin...I love it!

Kara said...[Reply to comment]

Can you bring me back some Cafe Rio to Arkansas! I have been missing it terribly :) Hope you are having fun!

Cindy said...[Reply to comment]

Have FUN! I too am a bit weepy sending mine back to school and I still have one at home!

Annalisa said...[Reply to comment]

i'm about to cry! congrats on the baby news. i'm so so happy for you & your family!!!

llamitanan said...[Reply to comment]

We loved having you, Chris, and Mama's Boys here for much of the summer. We see life and things from a different perspective with those sweet, unique boys. Have a great new school year!

Real said...[Reply to comment]

Shoot! It would have been nice to see you guys when you were passing through!