Tuesday, September 24, 2013

real time news–a decision to be made

I thought when school started it might be easier to keep up with weekly posts. Obviously I forgot what it’s like to homeschool AND have kids in public school and have a sweet 3-year-old who needs plenty of attention.  (Aren’t they like the black hole of attention at that age? :)

So, apologies for the very sporadic posting. There are also computer issues involved, but I hope to have those resolved soon.

Meanwhile, I need some advice / counsel from you, if you have any for me. (Please!)

Just as we were moving I heard about an excellent charter school here in Fort Collins. I heard it was so amazing that there were people driving 45 minutes every day to take their kids there. I got on the website and saw that yes, it looked to be an amazing school, but admission was lottery-based and that there were a huge number of applicants in the lottery pool. It was the weekend of our move into the rental here and I just decided it probably was too late to try to work it out for this year.

We signed them up at the local public schools, which are all very reputable in this particular area, and I felt like things would probably be just fine.

School started and we decided to homeschool Fluffy. The other two have had a relatively tough beginning, but are starting to settle in.

I found myself still thinking about this charter school. It is a K-12, with free tuition. It is classical / core-knowledge based. Its website had me practically drooling all over my messy desk, with its amazing curriculum and teachers with doctorates and the fact that they always have June, July, and August completely off and Latin starting in Kindergarten and all kinds of cool stuff.

It looks traditional and intense and family-centered all at the same time. And I could have all my school kids there at once, even when Rosebud’s in Kindergarten and Exacto’s a senior!

I decided to get started with the process of getting everyone in for next year, if possible. Last night I went to a Parent Information Meeting with a few questions in mind and planned to get us into the lottery and hope for the best for 14/15.

The lady running the meeting found out what grades my boys are in and said that this is very unusual, but she actually has an opening for one of them, and with the sibling preference program they have, ALL of them could start attending THIS YEAR.

I thought, well, maybe after this semester is over – don’t wanna switch them right in the middle. But she said that they don’t take new enrollments after October 1st.

So now we have a tough decision.

Exacto and Hummer are not super comfortable at their schools yet, but have passed the worst of the new kid awkwardness as far as I can tell. And Fluffy is loving homeschool.

But this charter school is the school of our dreams. It is what we would have wished for them all along ever since Exacto’s 1st year of school. It is close to CSU campus and DC could drive them in the mornings. They could all be in the same place and have an incredible education for free. It has to be now or not till next fall, after they’ve had a year in their current situation to get more comfortable.

Is it worth a huge upheaval again for them? Please tell me what you think!!!!


Leslie Posey said...[Reply to comment]

its once in a lifetime chance...I say dive and go for it!! You might not get the chance again! I know its hard uprooting kids but it will be worth it in the end!

Marji Anderson said...[Reply to comment]

I would go for it, it sounds like an amazing opportunity for the kids and you don't know if you will get in next year, and it will probably be harder to move them next year anyway after they've had a whole school year with kids and friends

heroineworshipper said...[Reply to comment]

It depends on how long you're staying in Fort Collins. A good music program would be worth it.

Mary Deaton said...[Reply to comment]

I think you should go for it, that is an amazing chance of a lifetime and no matter how long you live there it sounds like even a few years at the school would be worth it. The kids will adjust and to have them all in the same place would be wonderful!

The Hof family said...[Reply to comment]

It sounds like one of the charter schools we have here in UT. I would love for my kids to get into that one. I would have them switch. They haven't missed that much yet, so they should be fine.

Amanda said...[Reply to comment]

My dear friend I can offer the standard Primary advice: pray about it. :)
Now for my logical (soon to be) professional advice: Go for it! The fact that right now all four of them are guaranteed a spot is a blessing. You are thrilled with the school and it was your first choice after all. And the boys may have to readjust but better now then a year from now when close friendships and relationships with teachers and staff are established. It seems like everything has fallen into place and Providence is at work. :)

Vauna said...[Reply to comment]

It's your decision to make and I'm sure you'll make it prayerfully but I think it sounds like things have fallen into place for this. You're a wonderful mother. This could be a great blessing for your family.

llamitanan said...[Reply to comment]

Enjoyed visiting with you today about the pros and cons. Look forward to hearing what your decision is. Can hardly wait to see you and the family on Friday.

Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

Its so funny. We had this same situation this year. I put my kids in a lottery for a school that I really wanted for my kids. However, it was a K-5 school. Also lottery based. We found out two weeks in to school that Jex got in to 5th. I also found out my other kids would not get in this year because they would be too far down on sibling preference. That would put us back in the lottery again because Jex would be done. SO because I couldn't get all my kids in and ensure being in again next year I didn't move in. However if it would have been different. Similar to your situation; I would have done it for sure. And we were new at our school this year too. I say go for it. Make your dream come true, and then I will live vicariously through you.