Monday, August 5, 2013

Dear Mom, How nice to see you.

week of July 29 – August 4

I never guessed I would be spending this week in Utah!

When you called Monday night to say that Joseph and Lori were headed to the hospital with clear signs that the baby was coming I dropped everything and left to drive here. After a seven-hour drive I arrived at 3:30am, having found out on the way that Joseph and Lori were unceremoniously sent home, the baby apparently not coming just yet.

And so, with Lori about to deliver any second, we have waited out the week. :) I miss DC and the kids a lot, but it’s definitely been fun to be here.

I am enjoying having lots of time with J&L, walking around campus, going to Seven Peaks, helping set up the crib, watching movies, having nice meals.



And then more fun was had coming up to see you and the Salt Lake valley branches of the family, going to This is the Place Heritage Park and the Draper Temple, and an epic trip to IKEA.




Thanks for coming down to Provo so we could see the sneak preview of Studio C’s next season, too. That was super fun.


Even though we knew the standby line was too long to get in, we were happy to be there.


In the overflow room, we at least could watch what was being filmed for the next season and hear the shrieks of the live audience downstairs as they got free t-shirts and made us all madly jealous.


Here’s where the scary driving instructor from Season 2 comes to substitute-teach a Lamaze class. (Hit really close to home for Joseph. :)

And below, the restauranteur of Lobster Bisque fame comes to buy a flower for a date. This one was hilarious – my favorite from the evening.



Then yesterday we had a lovely, peaceful evening up at Russ and Jen’s house.


I sure hope that little baby arrives soon, but if not we’re enjoying the time anyway. :) I am so, so grateful to DC for being so supportive and sweet to take care of everyone while I’m gone.




heroineworshipper said...[Reply to comment]

The Provo tabernacle would be interesting to see. They rebuilt it as a temple.

The Hof family said...[Reply to comment]

Ikea and Draper temple is about 10 min. from our house! We should have met while you were up here. So sad I didn't know you were here yesterday, I was at BYU. We will be down in Provo again on Friday, but if you would like to come up here any other day that would work for me as well. Just let me know what the plan is. Talk to you soon.

llamitanan said...[Reply to comment]

I have loved being here with you too, Michelle. What wonderful memories we are making! You are cheerful and happy and show so much enthusiasm. Having you here is definitely a silver lining to Benjamin's delay.