Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 43 - { suzie-Q }

Do you know someone who has just lost a loved one? Do you want to be a good friend to them? Blessings on you! And good luck. You may be in for a long haul. From the reading I've done, it can take 1-2 years for a person to "recover" from losing a child--although, one never "gets over it", but does learn to live with the loss.

For my part, I am amazed that anyone still even reads my blog or asks how things are going! I feel like I have been a broken record for so long! I'm still trying to figure out exactly who I am - the loss is mostly defined and I have learned ways of coping with difficult questions in conversation - but now that I am about to make another big change and have a new baby - who am I now?

Well, for one thing, I am ridiculously blessed.

Here is one more proof that Heavenly Father loves me. . . .


My friend Suzie-Q came all the way from Alabama with her two little cuties to be with us when we celebrated Benjamin's birthday this year.

(She may look familiar to y'all. . . . :)

It was wonderfully healing to have the chance to talk in person with someone who cares about me so much and doesn't mind if I still cry sometimes.

We did lots of fun things. cooked way too much delicious food. sang together. dealt with adorable children. took adorable children to the park. watched North and South. went shopping. and best of all. . . . just talked and talked.

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snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

Ugh, I'm sitting here crying. I miss you already!