Thursday, August 23, 2007

Elegy to a Deflated Exercise Ball

It was a yellow ball, with rubbery spikes.

It was always in the living room. (yikes)

The boys were taught to leave it alone.

Oh, why did I ever let it roam.

It was given to me by a dear, good friend.

Alas, one day, it reached a sorry end.

For Hummer's wrath did wax sore

When he was asked to pick up his toys off the floor.

Woe betide the yellow ball.

Hummer's countenance did fall.

He issued threats in his three-year-old fury

And found a push-pin in a hurry.

I was in the kitchen making lunch

When suddenly I had a hunch

That Hummer was all-too-quiet for good

I looked up and by the ball he stood,

Dreaded push-pin in hand.

Alas for my yellow exercise ball,

Deflating slowly in the hall!

Our comeradeship was all too brief.

What shall I do to the little thief?

Dear reader of my humble blog,

Please comment and advise me in my fog!


Clyn said...[Reply to comment]

"Deflating slowly in the hall."

Nana/Mom said...[Reply to comment]

I just read this poem to Dad and he got a good laugh out of it too. Thank you for sharing! Oh, the joys of raising a family. What a challenge but a good story for a talk on motherhood--or whatever!

rustybeaver said...[Reply to comment]

Sad for your exercise ball, but Hyrum just makes me smile and shake my head.

Mishrerr said...[Reply to comment]

An interesting sidenote for family history purposes: Chris is legendary in his family for having committed a similar deed at age 3. He was very angry with his mom for some reason, went and got the scissors and cut a hole in the middle of one of her dresses. BTW, he says he's pretty sure it was a yellow dress! Hmmmm. . . . Maybe in our family they "see yellow" instead of "seeing red"! ha

Joseph said...[Reply to comment]

Awesome poem Shimelle. Alas for the big yellow ball. May it rest in peace. Mazeltov.