Monday, August 27, 2007

A Day at the Memphis Temple

Our ward had a temple trip to the Memphis Temple this past Saturday. The youth did baptisms, and many of the adults did endowments and sealings. We left around 6:15am, and I did a session while DC watched the boys, then I watched them while DC did sealings (the session was too full!). It was a wonderful day. The boys are always excited to go to the temple, and it's so nice to have the time to visit with my Sweetheart in the car (usually on the way home, when the boys tend to fall asleep.) We stopped and got an ice cream treat on the way home, which DC commented would be a great tradition for temple trips. :)
It's great to have a temple so close. Before the Memphis Temple was dedicated, our stake members traveled to Dallas, 6 hours away. When we lived in FL, it was a 4-hour drive. I remember driving down when I was very pregnant with Fluffy, in our van that had no A/C. Then waiting at the temple with Exacto and trading off, except there was no air-conditioned stake center nearby for him to play at. It was much harder. And yet, as soon as I walked through the doors of the temple, I felt so close to Heavenly Father. That made it all more than worth the effort! I love the temple! I rejoice in the blessings that come from the ordinances performed there!


Nana/Mom said...[Reply to comment]

Wonderful blog! I could have used the information in my lesson yesterday for Relief Society--ways to help your children gain a love of temple work! What great pictures too!

Mishrerr said...[Reply to comment]

Oh, wow, you taught RS yesterday? How neat! I wish I could have heard your lesson. Were you substituting? Or is it a new calling?

The Grand High Budge Mom said...[Reply to comment]

I love the picture of your family in front of the temple! So beautiful!!! Your blog is truly beautiful too, Michelle!!! It really shows who you are. What a wonderful mom you are, and an example for me of what a righteous mother and latter-day saint should be. I love you, Mishmelle!!!