Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Leaf, day - {gulp} - 9

Aaaah!! I don't think I'm going to finish!!

All the time I had for it today went towards clearing out that bugaboo of a top drawer in our file cabinet!

Here's what I have left to do (made a list this morning):



Tomorrow I can spend most of the day on it once the boys leave for school, minus a short commitment in the morning. (I'll be performing with DC for our neighbors. He's getting ready for an upcoming recital, so we're playing Bartok's Romanian Dances for them. So fun!)

Tell me I can do it! Maybe with some crazy music and a marathon day tomorrow. . . . .


Andre said...[Reply to comment]

You can do it! But even if you don't completely finish you worked hard and kept at it; set another goal for the coming week.

You do have all day though. A lot can be done!

Becky said...[Reply to comment]

Wake up and have a full breakfast, then line up some chocolate treats (that you hopefully have onhand, if I know you well enough :) to enjoy at each hour/couple of hours. Take a break when you need to, but remember to get back to things, too.

Call me if you feel lazy. You can do it!!

Kara said...[Reply to comment]

we loved it when he performed for us the other night! He did such an amazing job and I learned our house has quite good acoustics.

Maria said...[Reply to comment]

You can do it Michelle! Think how nice it will feel to be organized & have the paper monster gone forever!

Mary D said...[Reply to comment]

One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, GO MICHELLE GO!!
You can do it

Cindy said...[Reply to comment]

You can do it! Having a plan helps so much. My kids try to race sometimes when they have a dreary job that seems to go on and on. Maybe you can set a timer for each task and see if you can do it in time, that way it seems more manageable. I would love to hear you all play together...I miss that! Maybe you can post a video sometime for those of us who don't get to hear you and Chris play anymore :-(
I also definitely recommend a little chocolate to reward yourself for your hard work ;-) I'll be thinking of you!

snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

Just pace yourself today and be realistic. If you can't finish every single thing, don't be disappointed. You've still done a ton this week! You can totally do the rest next week and enjoy your weekend knowing you've had a very productive week. You're the best!

Vauna said...[Reply to comment]

That looks like a list for a week to me! When you read the Book of Mormon do you try to read a book a day or do you read a chapter or two a day and before you know it you're starting over? Just be consistent. It's like laundry, you will always have papers to organize; right now you're catching up (you know those days when you have to do 5 loads in a day?) but soon you'll just be maintaining (a load or two every couple days).
I'm so proud of you!

llamitanan said...[Reply to comment]

Easy does it! You can do it, Michelle! Good job!