Thursday, May 25, 2017

how firm a foundation

I just throw on foundation and under-eye concealer, then dust bronzer on my cheeks so they look defined. ~Camila Alves

(Sorry! LOL! I searched for quotes about having a firm foundation and that one came up and I just couldn’t resist.)

Adapted from a letter to Elder Baker, dated 5/22/17. . . .

Monday I went and played for a short rehearsal at the high school. It was a super busy day with the house. I am fielding lots of texts and calls as general contractor, and I feel like I can hardly leave the house during normal work hours. In fact, I had to take a call just before the choir director began a song, right there onstage with the whole honor choir waiting for me!


1 - Basement pouring day

  Tuesday was a big day. The concrete for the basement was poured. It took from 7am to about 1:30pm, and was so interesting to watch. Hummer stayed home from school and we worked together on digging holes for trees and spent lots of time just watching in amazement. We were relieved that the threatening clouds never did dump, but only sprinkled a couple of times. It was surprisingly cold and of course breezy. That night was the high school choir concert and I played for 6 songs. They were all from movies or musicals, including Moana. :)


3 - Russell's BD lunch

Wednesday was Fluffy's birthday! I can't believe that sweet fluffy baby of mine is 16 now! We had a special breakfast and invited Nana and Grandpa to join us. We put candles on Fluffy's pancakes and sang to him. Daddy had the day off, and we had the special experience of going to perform with Fluffy for his choir performance project. He sang the Erbarme Dich aria from St. Matthew Passion and Daddy played the violin part (I played the piano). It was so beautiful, and the choir was such a gracious, generous audience! Then we took Fluffy to Emalee's Carniceria for lunch.


4 - Bunny palace in transit

Later that day the menfolk worked on getting Hummer’s Bunny Palace from the workshop out to our property. Hummer and Grandpa have been working on it for months and it is huge and beautiful. We hope many bunnies will live happily and luxuriously there. (In the photo above, Rosebud is trying to get her kitten Moana out from under the truck.)


5 - Field day at GWA

  Thursday workers came back to the house to continue the blockwork on the basement walls. Rosebud stayed home sick from school. Hummer got dragged to school. This was ironic, because it was going to be Field Day, and while H did not want to go, Rosebud really wanted to go but couldn't. She had a bad headache and bright red tonsils, which made me suspect strep throat. She rested and watched Moana and took a nap in the afternoon. She still noticed out her bedroom window, though, when Puffball caught a mouse out at the pavilion! He is such an awesome cat. I took Rosebud to the doctor and she tested negative for strep. I guess it's just a bad virus.

That night Fluffy went to the Madrigals concert and was introduced as one of the new Madrigals. The rest of us stayed home and enjoyed a visit from the missionaries, who followed up on our family mission plan. I am grateful for experiences I have already had and things I am already learning as a result of this mission plan. I think I had been leaving my charity in the car when I go to Walmart! But this last time I remembered the mission plan and knew this would be an opportunity to make someone smile. I ended up having a wonderful conversation with the cashier!


6 - Cornelius, Olivia, Rosemary

  Rosebud with Cornelius and Olivia.


7 - Ham giving himself a haircut

  Hummer giving himself a haircut for the first time. It actually looked good! :)

Friday morning at 5:15am Fluffy was kidnapped by two senior choir students to be taken to a breakfast for the Madrigals. Later Fluffy and Hummer and a friend went to the temple and did baptisms. That evening was the Fathers and Sons campout near Vernon, AZ. While Grandpa, Daddy, Fluffy, and Hummer were gone to that, Nana and Rosebud and I went to "High Tea" at the Celebrations restaurant. It was so elegant and fun. Later we painted our nails and watched the "Great British Bakeoff" show.


8 - Mother-Daughter date

9 - High Tea at Celebrations


11 - Rosemary in the hammock

Saturday we had a classic day at home, with lots of productivity and hanging out with cats. Saturday jobs, haircuts, digging tree holes (we planted the Christmas tree! :), and Hummer even got Rosebud's hammock installed in the ash tree behind our apartment. Daddy and I went on a date where we walked on the sidewalks around the temple neighborhood, which are nicely lit at night. Then we watched some GBB and had ice cream.


12 - Moana and Olivia

Now it is Monday afternoon, and I am trying to hurry and finish this up before going to pick up your siblings and get busy with Fluffy's BD dinner and party. But first I have to tell you about yesterday. Yesterday Fluffy was ordained to the office of priest by Daddy. Grandpa and Bishop assisted. It is wonderful to se the light and goodness in Fluffy's face! He is growing into such an awesome young man!

I am always mindful of you in my prayers and at many other times, too. I love you so much, Exacto! Have a wonderful week!




Our Family Mission Plan

Daily -- Pray for missionary opportunities

        -- Make someone smile (by serving them, finding out sth about them, complimenting them, talking friendly, making them laugh, etc.)

        -- Report at dinner

Sundays -- Notice and make a visitor feel welcomed and loved

              -- Look around and ask, "Who is missing?"

              -- Review this plan at our family council and make any changes we feel inspired to make

Monthly -- Invite someone to a family activity, FHE, church activity, or service opportunity

            -- Fast for missionary opportunities



Rosebud and I were discussing the crazy chicken on Moana, to whom I referred by the feminine pronoun.

Rosebud: You think Hei Hei's a girl?

Me: Yes.

Rosebud: He's definitely a boy. I can tell by his personality!

(Later she clarified: "He's super silly. He's one of my favorite characters.")


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Pretty cool to have 2 parents accompany their kid's performance. Many people just get married for prestige but have no connection.