Friday, May 27, 2016

Day 67 - { snowflake }

A couple of years ago I was talking to my brother and his wife about where we'd want to live when DC finished school. There were about 5 places we were planning to apply. They asked which was our top choice. I said I knew it was really unlikely that it could ever happen but I would truly love to be able to live in Snowflake, Arizona right next to my parents. (They have a standing offer to give a few acres to build on to any of their children who "come home.")

My sister-in-law (who grew up in gorgeous southern California) seemed surprised and asked me why. I jokingly answered that I wanted to be the favorite child, the first one to move so close. We laughed and left it at that, but there are many more reasons why I've been dreaming of moving there for the past 10 years or so.

The Sky - huger than you can believe, breathtaking summer storms, heartbreaking sunsets

The Climate - cooler than Phoenix, warmer than Flagstaff, but still 4 seasons

A Temple and A Stoplight - one of each :) (I wonder if it has the world record for being the smallest town with a temple? It wouldn't surprise me!)

The Culture - unique mix of ranchers, Mormon pioneer descendants, live-off-the-grid independents, just really nice people all around

Quiet, Simple Life - at least that's how it always seems when I visit. I love the throbbing energy of big cities but for home I really crave privacy and space and simplicity.

Lower Cost of Living - right now the cost to build is less than half of what it is here in Fort Collins

Mom and Dad - since Exacto was born and 8 weeks later we moved to Tallahassee, we have never lived closer than 11 hours to my parents. We've been blessed with lots of visits but I have longed so much to have my kids know my parents the way I knew my grandparents when they lived by us in Tucson! It was the best to be able to ride our bikes less than a mile to go visit or help them, and I feel so much closer to them because of that time. This is definitely Reason #1.

DC graduated from Colorado State University a week and a half ago (WOOT!) with a job already in hand (WOOT AGAIN!). It's been a really long haul for us, these last 3 years, and he does still have to pass the national boards before he can start working, but it has all been more than worth it. Because Heaven has intervened for us and sent a miracle. We are moving to Snowflake!!!

Snowflake has a population of about 5000 people. We had always hoped but knew it just wasn't likely. I can hardly believe that DC was able to get a job nearby that will provide for our family! He will be a school OT, traveling to schools around Navajo County. This year he's assigned to a school in Winslow (1 hour away) and a reservation school in Whiteriver (just over 1 hour away). The company he will be working for provides a car and pays for the gas, so we're good with that. :)

I am so amazed and grateful that we get to move to Snowflake! I know that Heavenly Father heard the desires of my heart and answered our prayers!

video with cheese (but I really do love you, Arizona :)


Nancy Bailey said...[Reply to comment]

What a wonderful post! Dad and I are very excited to have to closer to us. Yeah!

heroineworshipper said...[Reply to comment]

What was once an impossible ordeal of going back to school is now a brief moment in the past. The violinist could have moved to a city, become wealthier, hobnobbed with the rich & famous, played violin for heads of state as a hobby. Quite a commitment from the violinist to come out to Snowflake, probably for the rest of his life.

Cathy said...[Reply to comment]

So happy for you! It's so hard to imagine while going through "stuff" the blessings that my be coming. Snowflake is lucky to get you!