Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a little “ketchup”

We had great fun bringing in the New Year, with our traditional epic graham-cracker house decorating and games and time capsule. At midnight the neighbors were treated to a free trombone and air horn duet from the front porch!


(Note Hummer gathering air packets from amazon packages to pop – it was a nice touch, truly.)



By this point the neighbors are looking for things to throw at us. . . .


The best thing we did during the break was to go to the Memphis Temple. DC and I traded off while the kids played at the neighboring stake center. I love being in the temple! We need to go more often.




The stocking windfall from Santa led to some epic trading sessions, lasting several hours sometimes, and involving elaborate bartering with coupons for chores, too. The hot item? Lindt dark truffles. Oh, honey, those are good.




DC and I saw Life of Pi and loved it. The theater was freezing because the heater was broken (they said we could have a refund if it was too cold) and DC dropped his nachos during the opening credits, but we stopped feeling sorry for ourselves pret-ty quickly! Poor Pi.

(Yes, I know the picture below is a little creepy. I forgot my camera that night, and you know how it goes, “Oh, well! Photoshop!” :)

Life of Pi date with Gras


Our first Sunday of the new year was bittersweet, a little heavier on the bitter for me. Rosebud went into Primary and is no longer in Nursery with me. She will be the youngest all through her growing up years, probably, with a late December birthday. But she was very ready and happily sat with her class when I dropped her off. (ouch for this mama-heart!)


20130106-2 Rosemary's 1st Sunday in Sunbeams


Then school started again, and by Tuesday it felt like Christmas break had just been a happy dream. We were grateful to have Hummer's birthday to look forward to right away!

here he is opening a present from Rosebud

20130111-5 Opening presents

pillowcases = cheapskate wrapping paper :)

This was a special one because he turned 9 on the 9th, so we made a big deal of his Golden Birthday. Nana and Grandpa sent 9 gold dollar coins and a $2 bill and he was quite impressed and delighted. Friday evening and Saturday morning we had meals of his choice, which got pretty intense on the calories.


20130111-18 Opening presents

new rollerblades!

20130111-21 Opening presents


My favorite part was the frosting on his cake. I had used diet soda with the cake mix (strike one) and then burned it in the oven (strike two), but no one even noticed because of the celestial quality frosting I had slathered all over it. (Go here to change your life. )


20130111-30 Hyrum lighting birthday candles

Nine Great Things About Hummer

1. He looks for ways to help and then does them.

2. He has a zany, ever-present sense of humor (note the above picture :).

3. He is reading the Old Testament on his own.

4. He loves texting on his new iPod touch -- his top 2 people to text with? Me and Nana. (I love it!)

5. He's smart as a whip.

6. He never met a stranger, and is usually the first to answer the door or the phone.

7. He thinks deeply about things.

8. He leaves me notes and surprises under my pillow.

9. He is generous, whether it's buying something for a birthday or just sharing candy.



And, on another note, I am apparently having a mid-life crisis. Despite diligent efforts to learn about “real” food and ways to eat fewer processed foods, I succumbed to a diabolical urge at Sam’s the other day. . . .

20130119-3 My mid-life crisis purchase

As you can see, some of us were happier about this than others. . . .


Also, Exacto participated in All-Region Band, being the 5th chair French horn in the top 9th grade band. They sounded great!

20130119-12 After Exacto's All-Regions concert

Whoever plans these things did not take beauty-rest schedules into consideration. . . .

20130119-17 After Clyn's All-Regions concert


I’m trying on a new way to get around to this fun blogging thing more often. I hope you enjoy it! It will mostly be for our faraway family’s sake, but as I get on a roll, I do want to WRITE again.

In the meantime, I have put up a poll for you to state your opinion regarding the “Quotables” I used to update regularly. Please go here and vote real quick. . . .


Becky Rose said...[Reply to comment]

I love your blog posts! I really do! And I miss you!

snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

What a wonderful post! I love seeing the pictures and reading about the fun little goings on in your family. Boy do I ever miss you!!! That daughter of yours is a mini-you. I just love it!

Karrot Soup said...[Reply to comment]

Love it. I love seeing your beautiful faces and imagining at least a little of your lives. We've got a 2nd chair trombone in the All-State Junior Band (7-9th) here, BTW, so we sort of match. :)