Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Biker Boy

I have a new hero. And it's Hummer. Guess what he did today?

First of all, let me set the scene. From the National Weather Service today. . . .

Bike route - heat advisory

Sound like a good day for a bike ride? I don't think so either. But I had already PROMISED the boys that today when their chores were done, we would ride our bikes down to a park about a mile and a half from our house.

You know how it is when you PROMISE something to your kids.

When they were finished, and it was about 10:30am, I thought, "Well, it's still morning, and we'll drink lots of water, and DC can be our on-call emergency pickup vehicle." :)

So we set out, just the three of us. (Poor Fluffy did not finish his chores and had to stay behind. We could hear his screaming and tantrumming from inside as we drove off).

Exacto is a pro. He even knows to stop and do turn signals when necessary.

I am a pudgeriffic semi-pro (picture pending). I have to walk my bike up the big hills, and tend to wobble a lot when I try to signal.

Then there's Hummer. He's still on training wheels. I thought for sure that with the heat and the distance combined, we would be calling DC in a matter of minutes to come get Hummer.

So we set out, just the three of us.

Bike route - hot road

(I didn't take this picture. I was too busy maintaining my balance while going approximately 1/2 mph alongside Hummer and his training wheels.)

Sweat was pouring down our necks, and we couldn't even take advantage of the downhills because of the sweet 5-year-old who kept braking every couple of seconds so he wouldn't get too fast.

Bike route

I was so amazed when we all actually made it to the park. Exacto and I made a beeline for the shade, and I called DC to come get us. ALL of us! Meanwhile Hummer stayed on his bike, yelling for us to start riding home. When I told him Daddy was coming to get us because we were thirsty and hot and tired, he got mad and said he wanted to ride his bike home.

DC and Fluffy arrived. Exacto and I jumped into the A/C gratefully while our bikes got wedged into the van by my Darling. Hummer ignored our calls and took off back up the huge hill by the park.

I was so completely impressed. Not only was he having to pedal 2-3 times as many rotations because of his tiny wheels, but his rear tire lacks tread, and half the time it spins instead of moving forward.

We followed along in our Wimp-mobile, making sure he was safe, and all of us exclaiming in awe at the achievement unfolding before us. (It was totally a "Chariots of Fire" moment--so cool!). With sweat pouring down him (his shirt was drenched) he kept trundling that bike up the hill till he made it!

By this point, Exacto and I were feeling humbled and inspired (plus our sweat had mostly dried due to the beautiful air-conditioning in the van), and we decided to join him for the rest of the way home.

That kid made it! He biked THREE MILES on a teeny bike in horrible heat! And then he came in and was so cheerful and sweet.

I do have a picture of that. . . .



snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

How fun! And what a great Mom to stick it out along side your kids in that horrible heat! I'm glad no one passed out. =)

Becky Rose said...[Reply to comment]

How do you get the words on the pictures???

Michelle said...[Reply to comment]

The easiest way is Picasa. It's free, and it's basic. :)

Becky said...[Reply to comment]

Sweaty, my love!!, as Aunt Mandy says...

Go, Hummer-poo!! You are so amazing! We love you.