Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 14 - { my winter baby }

2006 0117 Hyrum's first snow 2

We recently celebrated Hummer's 5th birthday.

Ouch. This one was harder for me than my own 30th! I hate thinking that this special time of having him at home with me every day is coming to an end in just a few months!

Some of my favorite pictures of our sweet little guy. . . .

2004 0111 Clyn combs Hyrum's hair, 2 2004 0111 Hyrum - bonding time with Daddy, 4

On January 9, 2004, in Tallahassee, FL, our beautiful 3rd son arrived.


2004 0115 Hyrum sleeping in bassinette

As with all of my other babies, I fell hopelessly in love at first sight.


2004 0218 Mommy and Hyrum 2

He's always been a bit of a mama's boy, and I've never minded at all! :)


2004 0205 Clyn loves his baby brother Hyrum 2004 0130 Russell and Hyrum

His brothers are crazy about him, too.


That year we moved to Arkansas, and there were big changes. Hummer tagged along while we went house-hunting, and by the time we moved in, he had just started crawling.


A few months later we celebrated his 1st birthday.

20050109-11 Hyrum with his birthday cake 20050109-18 Hyrum and Daddy agree on the merits of ice cream

You just have to love that personality already coming out. This kid is a Character (don't know where he gets it)! :)


2006 0109 Duck from A. Mandy and U. Tapa 2  2006 12 152 DSCF0546


And now he's FIVE.

He particularly wanted a specific Wal-mart cake this year, and his wish was granted by a sweet friend (thank you, Janice!).

DSCF4929 DSCF4932



Just a little note about today. We made that yearly visit to Dr. Weed's for his well check-up, and this time he had to get his booster shots for kindergarten. I was SO PROUD of him. It was hard for him but he made it through without crying (his own goal)!

I can't believe how grown up he is. (Is it normal to be sad when your child doesn't cry about shots? Does anyone out there know what I mean? :)

We came home and I gave him a big bowl of ice cream, and the rest of the afternoon we worked together on setting up the new desk. He would hand me the tools or screws I needed and sometimes I'd let him be the one with the screwdriver. It was just peaceful together time that I tried hard to SAVOR. I will miss him SO MUCH next year.

a few things I love about this boy:

his breathtaking ability to sing on pitch and remember scads of songs (right now his big thing is the Articles of Faith songs--even there at the doctor's office while we waited he belted out the 4th Article of Faith song -- pausing to comment on the word "principles" - "Mommy, I know who the principal at school is!")

his heart-melting smile


his generosity with kisses (if he thinks you're nice, you get a kiss on the hand! No matter who you are - the librarian, Dr. Weed, the cashier at Wal-mart, etc.)

his ticklishness and contagious giggle

his gorgeous chocolate-brown eyes

his brilliant mind (already reads fluently and likes to write, too!)

his quickness to share (spent most of his birthday money on buying 3 GIANT calculators - one for him and one each for Exacto and Fluffy!)

the beautiful and very-natural way he has taken on the big-brother role with Benjamin (he ALWAYS mentions him in his prayers, he includes him in his candy sharing! "Mommy, that one is for Benjamin. Let's save it for him." When he grows out of a shirt, he'll make sure I save it for Benjamin to wear. etc.)

his awe-inspiring faith

100 days of gratitude tag


I am so, so grateful for this beloved son of mine. Thank You, dear Father, for sending him to us!




Jen said...[Reply to comment]

Happy Birthday Hummer! How exciting to be five! We sent you a Birthday card on the "B" bunch blog! We hope you get it.

Stephanie Johnson said...[Reply to comment]

Wow, 5 years old! I will have a Kindergartener in the Fall too (Alexa). Hummer sounds like a kid full of personality. We definitely need to come visit you guys sometime.

Mom/Nana/A. Nancy said...[Reply to comment]

What a delightful post! We love that HUMMER too. The pictures brought back fond memories of his birth and personality. Hummer is "EXTREMELY NICE!"

Vauna said...[Reply to comment]

Happy Birthday Hummer! Where does the time go. Yes, I know what you mean about being sad that he doesn't cry, it's cause he's growing up and you see his childhood slipping away. Thank you for sharing, I especially enjoyed the photo trip along the life of a little Hummer.

rustybeaver said...[Reply to comment]

I love this "character". Hummer is a hoot and a chuckle and I can't wait to see him again.

Natalie.Rob.Branson said...[Reply to comment]

All four of your boys are so stinkin cute! I love these pictures of your celebrating so many great moments with Hummer...what a lucky little man to have such an incredible mom!
I also wanted to thank you for the Christmas card...the picture was just beautiful.
Love you!

Andre said...[Reply to comment]

What a cute kid!! My baby will be 5 in August and will go to kindergarten the next week. Crazy. She got her shots this week and was very excited about it. Until they shot her; then she screamed. But she didn't move!

We have family in Idaho Falls, ID. We go there very often. Maybe we could make something happen!

Natalie said...[Reply to comment]

He is such a cute little guy! I love the picture with the icing tongues...good times! You are such a wonderful mother, and no I don't know you, but it is evident! :)

I understand what you wrote about him not crying over shots. My youngest turns 5 in March, Kinder. in the fall. It's going to be tough, I can already tell.

Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

Beautiful. It is so fun to know more about how amazing he is. I like that I am a recipient of that hand kissing. He really is special. Happy Birthday Hummer!!

The Grand High Budge Mom said...[Reply to comment]

Happy, happy birthday, Hummer dear! I LOVE that your mommy included so many pictures of you growing up. I had forgotten how much thick, wonderful hair you were born with! What an adorable newborn you were-- And I'm amazed to see your 1st birthday pictures, where your BRILLIANT personality really was showing through already. I can't believe how big you've grown. You really do look like you're five now in your pictures. I hope you've had a very happy birthday month :) I love you and miss you and hope I can see you very soon!
Love, Aunt Mandy (& U. Tapa & Ari & baby JJ)

snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

Oh, cute Hummer! You were born with more hair than Evelyn has now at 15 months! What fun birthday cakes...I want some cake now. Especially with blue icing (love the picture of your blue tongues!).

My favorite photo of you, though, is the one of your first snow. I love the way your face is all scrunched up. Was it really cold?

I miss you and your Mommy (and all your family). I hope you can come and visit sometime before you start Kindergarten. I hope you had a wonderful 5th birthday. You're so big now!

Mrs. Tapa said...[Reply to comment]

I am in disbelief that little Hummer is ALL of FIVE-YEARS-OLD! I'm sad that I can't be closer to see my nephews as the grow older. What an intelligent, cute, talented, great-thinking, sweet-natured family of brothers! I love every one of you!