Sunday, August 24, 2008

Collection of "Benjamin" pictures

For me, seeing Benjamin's name is so therapeutic. Thanks to Cindi for passing on this awesome idea, and taking the first picture. If any of you wonderful readers think of a neat way to write his name, take a picture and send it to me! Or if you could show his name in a far-off place (most of you are far from Arkansas, I think!). You'll make my day!
The mention of my child’s name
may bring tears to my eyes,
but never fails to bring
music to my ears.
If you are truly my friend,
let me hear the beautiful
music of his name.
It soothes my broken heart
and sings to my soul.
                              -author unknown

from Aunt Joy, who named her second sweet baby boy Landen Benjamin,
after our Benjamin! :) ~ 3/5/13

Fluffy had this idea and carried it out while I was sound asleep! So sweet :) ~  8/29/09

For you, sweet son, from your whole family ~ top of Four-Mile Knoll, near Snowflake, AZ ~ 6/25/09

from Dallin
from DC's brother Dallin in Oregon ~ created on his favorite multi-player game environment :)

from Annie 1
from Annie 2
from my soon-to-be sister-in-law in Oregon :) These are awesome, Annie! Thank you so much!! ~ 4/15/09

from sweet Meghan, who has been helping me with Benjamin's scrapbook ~ 4/9/09

Hummer and Nana did this one ~ 3/22/09

This one is from a dear friend from our Tallahassee days. Thank you, sweet Amy! ~ 3/13/09

from Exacto - Primary Song collection! :) ~ 1/10/09

Taken during our living room renovation. :) ~ 12/31/08
This one is way cool. It includes animation, so visit the link to see it!

From a Scrabble game with Fluffy :) ~ 11/8/08

Leaf Stitching 2nd try
Made by friends and family at the cemetary after we released the balloons for his 1st birthday. (I had to "stitch" 4 pictures together on Photoshop, so that's why it looks a little crooked.:) 11/3/08

This is adorable! Click to watch short video of my brilliant, beautiful niece saying his name. :)

benjamin 011
Sent by Jaime, the angel nurse who attended us the day of Benjamin's birth. - 10/30/08

2008 10 31 download 097 2008 10 31 download 115
Red Reef Park Beach, Boca Raton - from Aunt Mandy and cousin Ari - 10/30/08 (love those sweet little legs in the first one! :))

benjamin 001
Little tiny baby hats and socks. The hat dotting the {J} is actually one that I made and donated to the hospital. :) Another Jaime creation. Thank you, dear friend!

eight months 055
Cookie-cutters! - from Aunt Becky - Round Rock, TX - 9/13/08

A Fluffy creation! :) - 10/23/08

From Exacto and Fluffy - 10/23/08

From Fluffy while I was visiting-teaching. :) - 10/21/08

From the Baileys in Laie, Hawaii! Made with shell leis from the Polynesian Cultural Center. - 10/8/08

From Mark and Manda, in Provo, UT. Y'all are the best! I love you! - 10/6/08

from Malauna
From Malauna, a dear friend from our BYU days, now living in ID - 10/2/08

Copy of DSC03531
Moses posed as a model for this one from my sweet Mom :) - Snowflake, AZ - 10/1/08

This was Exacto's idea. He carved it himself. :) - 9/21/08

From Cindi on the northern-most beach of Lake Michigan - 8/24/08

DSCF2984 DSCF2986
I did this one while the boys were playing with marble tracks - 8/26/08

Dogfood letters-- our new form of pet torture! :) - 8/08

In glue -- while Hummer and I were making a "road". - 9/2/08

20080508-2 Benjamin's highway sign 2
My parents adopted a mile for him--they are so awesome! I love seeing this sign whenever we drive into town from their house.

My little nephew putting wildflowers on Benjamin's monument. Another amazing gift from my parents!

2008-9-01 at Lake Superior
I love this one from Cindi. See how she dotted the {j} and the {i} with seashells? - Lake Superior - 9/1/08


Mom/Nana/A. Nancy said...[Reply to comment]

Wow! These are awesome. I hadn't looked for a while. It'll be cool to see his name made out of leaves on his birthday.

Flamingo said...[Reply to comment]

Did the leaves photos turn out? It was fun to help make Benjamin's name in the leaves, thanks for letting me help.

Jean said...[Reply to comment]

Wow, that is so true. I love hearing and seeing Nathan's name. I love the pictures - that is a great idea!