Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quotable Lemony Snicket

Exacto has been keeping me supplied with all the volumes of "A Series of Unfortunate Events", and I am heartily enjoying them. Here's a great line from The Hostile Hospital. You have to read it out loud. . . .

"Just about everything in this world is easier said than done, with the exception of 'systematically assisting Sissyphus's stealthy, cyst-susceptible sister,' which is easier done than said."


Becky said...[Reply to comment]

Hah!! Love it!! I couldn't even read it the first time. Also, I didn't know that Sissyphus had a sister...

Mom/Nana/A. Nancy said...[Reply to comment]

I tried reading this to Dad and Joseph. They had a good laugh. Thank you for sharing!