Monday, September 10, 2007

{ quotables archive }

1/19/10 - Exacto's version of a famous Broadway song. . . "I think I'll cry defining gravity." :)

1/9/10 - Hummer, thoughtfully : "I don't know yet if I'm allergic to giraffes. Because I've never touched one."

7/31/09 - Hummer thinks we should name the baby "Mount Fuji."

7/10/09 - Exacto was mad at me because I couldn't manage to answer him at the same that his brothers were clamoring for my attention. He said something about my never answering him, and I rather exasperatedly said, "Well, I'm sorry I'm not perfect!" His face changed into a sappy smile, and he said sweetly, "I forgive you."

6/12(?) Fluffy wanted to lick the beaters from the brownie batter, and was warned that they had raw egg. He said, "That's okay. I'm addicted to raw egg!" I gave him a quizzical look, and he said, "It can't make me sick. I've had it several times and not gotten sick." The light bulb came on, and I said, "Oh, you mean you're immune to raw egg." He said, "Yep."

5/8 Conversation at the dinner table--
Hummer: Hey! Who drank my water?
DC: Maybe it was your ghost friend.
Exacto: No, he doesn't have a ghost friend anymore. He said his ghost friend ran away to Nana and Grandpa's house.
Hummer: He came back.
Exacto: Oh, okay.
Hummer: In one second.
Exacto: Wow, he's a fast ghost friend.

4/30 Hummer: "Daddy, what does the word 'mate' mean?"
{ pause }
DC {nonchalantly}: "Where did you hear that word?"
Hummer {matter-of-factly}: "From chess."

4/17 We were watching "Spirit", yes, the one about the horse. The boys had never seen it before, and were completely absorbed. We got to the part when Spirit and Rain fall down the waterfall, and Rain gets shot, and Spirit is about to be dragged from her. Suddenly Hummer started shrieking, "My eyes are watering! My eyes are watering!"

4/16 There's always a grapefruit half leftover at our house. Hummer said this morning, "I can't wait until there's six in our family on earth. Then we will get whole grapefruits." (meaning no spare halves :).

4/3 DC was making a delectable dessert after dinner tonight, and to be extra-productive, asked the boys to get their pajamas before having dessert. Their responses. . .
Exacto: Sure, I'll be happy to!
Fluffy: Sure, I'll be happy to!
Hummer: UNCLE!

3/22 After church one of the boys mentioned that Hummer had given a talk that day. "Doh!", I slapped my forehead. "I forgot to help him get it ready!" But Fluffy reassured me that one of the Primary presidency helped him, and added, "Yeah, it was about how 'family members have important responsibilities'!"

3/11 Hummer heard me quote part of one of my favorite poems by Emily Dickinson and, to my delight, he later paraphrased it: "I hope it's the thing with feathers!"

2/28 (I wavered between laughing or crying with this one. . . .) Exacto was pondering the fact that I expect him and his brothers to actually work, help around the house, etc., and he commented, "Mommy, aren't you glad you have children so you don't have to do so many chores?" ?!

2/27 Another Primary song adaptation--this one's from Hummer, who very innocently thought it went: "Faith is like a little bug. . ."2/8 Imagine how difficult it is to be reverent for family prayer just after hearing the boys' adaptation of My Heavenly Father Loves Me: "Whenever I touch a velvet toad. . . ."

2/6 Hummer was helping me put away the groceries, and started to try to lift the 50-lb bag of chicken feed. I was about to tell him to wait for Daddy to do that one when he said fervently, "Oh my heck. That one's heavy!"

1/24 Fluffy said this one: "I wonder if someone can have a baby the day after they're married? That would be so cool!"


1/18 Hummer: "I wish we had a pet goat. Then we wouldn't need a GARBAGE CAN any more."

1/12/09  Another Hummer quote: "Mommy, guess what? We have three books with a not-nice word!"
Me: "We do? What is it?"
Hummer (with wide, serious eyes): "The first part of it is STU and the rest of it is PID!"

12/16/08 We FINALLY gathered everyone around the table to have prayer and start eating. Hummer was called on to say the prayer. As soon as he started, we could hear that someone left the music going in the other room. Then Ruby started playing with the blinds. Then the phone began ringing. I tried very hard to concentrate on Hummer's prayer as he said, "And please bless that someone will answer the phone . . . ."

12/11 Hummer was upstairs getting his PJ's on, and called down to me: "Mommy?"
"Will you please add pull-ups to your wish list?"

12/1 I received my receipt in the mail from paying off my outrageous cardiologist bill. At the bottom, after the total, it says: "THANK YOU! PLEASE COME AGAIN!" Sheesh.

11/3 Nana, having lost her cell phone, told us to call it while she looked in the car so she could hear it ring. We forgot, and she came back in to see what was up. We shamefacedly apologized, and she headed out again, calling back over her shoulder: "I'm leaving the door open so I can yell at you!"

11/2 Aunt Becky, as we were discussing favorite pictures of Hummer: "Oh, the one with Ruby in the wheelchair?"

11/1 Nana, commenting on how she appeared to be the oldest one who made to the top of Pinnacle Mountain, suddenly remembered, "Oh, yeah. There was that one man who went up twice. . . ." {dissolving into giggles}

11/1 Hummer (after tooting audibly): "Mommy, air mixed with milk is yummy!"

10/31 Aunt Becky, to Russell, who had the tendency to use the feminine pronoun when referring to Baby Seth:
"Did you know that he's a girl?"

11/8 Another Hummer prayer, this time over the food: "And we're grateful that some of this food will be yummy. . . ."

11/2 Hummer gave the closing prayer in Primary, causing the whole room to dissolve in giggles, when he said, "And please bless Nana and Aunt Becky that they won't leave our house until we say they can go back to their houses."

10/24 We were questioning Fluffy why his pajamas and underwear were on the stairs, and he responded, "Because H. was hitting and kicking and pinching me."
Hummer: "By accident!"

10/23 Hummer's reading has progressed to the point where he doesn't want help during scripture study. We're reading in Acts, and with all those funny names it gets pretty hilarious to see what he comes up with. Today the word "synagogue" became "see-na-Google." :)

10/17 While we eat dinner, we usually let Ruby in to have her dinner, too, and catch the stuff that inevitably falls from the table. Tonight we didn't because she'd already had her dinner, and she began the most piteous, heart-breaking whine imaginable. Far from taking compassion, our boys thought it was hilarious, and Exacto dubbed it "Ruby's Lament." Poor Ru!

10/9 Hummer: "Did you know that spiders and bandaids only drink BLOOD?!"

10/6 Pioneer Woman is delightfully obtuse sometimes. In her recent Pumpkin Butter post she delivered this inspiring quote:
"Pretty jars make everything better. . . .
Who said that? Nietzsche?"

9/26 Hummer gave me a wonderfully sweet hug, and then kissed my arm, and said solemnly, "I gave you my biggest hug and my biggest kiss."

9/25 Excerpt from Hummer's turn to say the prayer: "Please bless that more tornadoes will come to earth. . . ." 

9/22 Exacto asked, "If you have the Star-Spangled Banner stuck in your head, do you have to stand up?"

9/22/08 - DC quipped during our chicken gumbo, "There should be a place where you can Win-free Okra."

9/19/08 - Hummer has two warts on his thumb, which we have diligently been working to remove. It looks pretty hideous right now, blanched and with the edges coming off. (Sorry, TMI!). It doesn't seem to bother him, though! Today I heard him say in a sappy, sweet voice, "I really like my wart. It's a cute wart."

9/17/08 - I was chuckling about a post dealing with character potty pants (Elmo ones, to be specific). Interested, Hummer asked, "Alma potty pants?" Exacto started giggling and tried to clarify, but Hummer persists in his vision of scriptural hero underwear. 

7/16/08 - On the way home from playing at the Swensons', Fluffy asked me, "Mommy? Is it harder being a mom or a dad?" I said that I figured they were probably about the same. Hummer spoke up and said, "When I'm a Daddy, I'm going to try to turn into a Mommy with my magic!