Thursday, April 15, 2010

links that have been making me smile lately

Malauna's Baby Bonnet Tutorial - created just for me! :) I made one to go with Rosebud's Easter outfit, and it turned out so cute. It looks like a vintage early 20th century bonnet on her--love it!


"Lord, I Would Follow Thee" - Susan Evans McCloud, the author of one of my favorite hymns, "Lord, I Would Follow Thee", tells how she came to write those breathtakingly beautiful words. (As a side note, I was blessed to have Newell Dayley--who wrote the music--for one of my music theory teachers at BYU, and had the privilege of hearing from him firsthand how he came to write the music. Both the text and the setting are inspired.)


Nursing the Phatness - this is the cutest article! Rosebud's not at this age yet, but if you've ever nursed a baby that is 6 months or older, you will crack up reading this.


Bald Eagle family on Live WebCam! - incredible. I just checked it again as I was copying the link, and watched a mother bald eagle feeding the two chicks in the nest! I love watching how attentive she is to their comfort.


M2B:) - my current favorite in the Blog Reader. Michael McLean --of whose music I was taught to be somewhat scornful (my dad, the self-described musical bigot, says if it's not classical, it's not music:)-- has begun 2010 with a "Mission To Be Happy." He writes on this blog an almost-daily account of something that made him happy that day. His posts nearly always make me laugh out loud, and always uplift me.


Hope you enjoy! Happy Friday!


Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

Just read nursing the Phatness. That is so Tess right now. Thanks for sharing those.
I am on to Michael Mcclean.

Nancy said...[Reply to comment]

I want to see Rosemary in her bonnet. Susan Evans McCloud is one of my favorite LDS authors. I have read several of her books. She is very talented.