Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 25 - { Beloved Becky }

100 days of gratitude tag

As I have reflected on what I am grateful for, it has struck me how often it is WHO I am grateful for, not what! (or "for whom", I suppose I should say--ha! I'm such a nerd.) I'm planning to start including at least once a week in my gratitude posts, a person whom I am greatly blessed to have in my life.

Today it's one of my amazing sisters-- Becky, who has her very own blog here.


           Becky and me in front of the Mesa Temple, 1980

I wrote a poem for Becky for Christmas 2004. When I read it again this week, it made me cry because it is only truer now than it was then.


We two young trees grew together in a  grove,
Our roots so entwined
Our trunks looked as one
Which memories are mine?
Which influences only hers?

She is wise yet harmless,
Her soul without guile--
A peaceable follower of Christ
Bearing the fruits of the Spirit.

She changes the world,
this sister of mine,
the world of each person in the shade of her love.
And I, blessed for having shared that shade
Nearly all of my days.


Becky is 20 months younger than I am. I'm afraid that I often took her for granted during our growing-up years, although at the same time we were the closest of friends. We played pretend together, created our own worlds of imaginative adventures, had "pillow parties" and crocheted together. We knew all the same songs, and could quote all the same movies. We loved being silly together. I have so many awesome funny memories of when we were in seminary together and sharing a room in PA. (Did I ever mention the time when I woke her up in the morning for seminary, and she was still on her knees from praying the night before?! Or when I heard a scream from her bedroom and went in to find her on the floor because she had put on her backpack and fallen over backwards?)

Now that we are grown-and-married Mommies, I hope I don't take the precious love of this sister for granted any more. She has provided unconditional love and comic relief and wise counsel and sweet comfort all my life, even more so during the past year and a half.

I am so grateful for you, my beloved Becky! Thank you for shading me in so many ways and at so many times! I am so blessed to be your sister.


Stephanie Johnson said...[Reply to comment]

I agree with you -- Becky, you rock!

Becky said...[Reply to comment]

Oh, Michelle, you are so sweet. I had totally forgotten about those two stories. But I think of you every time I see a Snapple. Thank you so much for making my week. How I love you, sister dear.

snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

You two are so nice! What sweet, loving, thoughtful sisters.

Maria said...[Reply to comment]

I was lucky enough to be Becky's roommate for a few years in Provo. I still remember waking her up because she had fallen asleep praying and had woken me up because she was snoring. So funny. Becky is a wonderful person and such a good example of kindness to EVERYONE.

Mom/Nana/A. Nancy said...[Reply to comment]

What a nice post! I love our "Beckers" too! Becky could pray standing up too. Remember your job at the paper mill? :)

Natalie said...[Reply to comment]

Such a beautiful tribute to your sister! I don't even know her (or you in real life for that matter), but this made me teary!! So sweet.

Andre said...[Reply to comment]

Gotta love family. Our relationships with them are priceless.

Chris said...[Reply to comment]

I have to echo the praise for Becky. She has always been so selfless and giving, and though I'm quite a bit older than she is (won't say how much), I admit I've always looked up to her!

mrs. tapa said...[Reply to comment]

Becky-cita, Becker-ma-Grudous, R. of Sunny Disposition, Beckers, Queen of all names nicked--Mrs. Wilding. If you're reading this, I love you too.