Monday, March 24, 2014

Dear Mom, We made it to spring break!

Week of March 10 - 16

This has been a kind of excruciatingly long 9 weeks, but we did it!

Highlights of the 9th week:

FHE outside because it was just too nice to stay in the house.



(Not sure what our neighbors thought, particularly of the OT demonstrations :).


This next picture made me laugh so hard. In DC’s defense, he was preparing for a test on MMT the next day and was trying to remember what was next in the order of how it’s done. Exacto doesn’t need defense – he is just super funny.


Rosebud and Fluffy built an epic fort in our living room and spent hours in it. Fluffy even did all his afternoon schoolwork in there.


Wednesday night was a Court of Honor, at which Fluffy received his 1st Class rank advancement and 4 merit badges. Yay, Fluffy!


The best part of the week was that weekend, when we had a mini-family-reunion with DC’s parents, sister Heidi, and all the CO family at Bob and Daniela’s house. Mom and Dad Baker came back to Fort Collins with us and we spent Sunday together.


Never did get a good photo of all of them together, drat it all.

On the way home from church, Fluffy spotted a free trampoline!


I made DC pull over and he and Fluffy carried it all the way to our house, Sunday clothes and all. :)


As they arrived, Hummer celebrated on the recorder. (See video).

ode to joy!

The best part was taking them to see the temple site. Big progress! It’s amazing how much it is changing every week now!


We were excited to see that they had added this sign to the fencing.

043 crop

Dad Baker said it looks like they’ve started pouring concrete for the pilings. (Wish I had a closer up photo—if you zoom in you can just see the flags marking where the rebar for those are, and the huge drill for making the holes).


Everyone say, “Hi, tripod!”

We were euphoric that evening, with a full week of Spring Break ahead of us, ripe with possibility . . . . .




llamitanan said...[Reply to comment]

Oh, I LOVED this post. I wished I felt bad that you were miserable during the "cold" weeks but for me it might mean you are more likely to want to come back to Arizona. I laughed and laughed at Hummer playing "Ode to Joy." What a boy! What joy to have the trampoline just in time for spring break. How awesome to have a Temple going up in your midst! Yeah! Yeah! Glad DC's parents could be with you and that you were able to spend time with many family members. Can hardly wait to see you on Thursday--can't remember the date of next month. Yeah! Dad and I LOVE our CO family!