Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dear Mom, There are benefits to ‘going green.’

Week of March 17 – 23

I am trying hard NOT to say that this past week—our Spring Break that we had looked forward to so much—was a huge disappointment.

Monday morning started off just dandy. We had green smoothies and Lucky Charms for breakfast. Lunch was nice, too, with “Green Eggs and Ham” Irish muffin sandwiches. And then it began. . .

Hummer took the St. Patrick’s thing a bit far when he threw up all afternoon and several times that night. Exacto and Rosebud joined him during the night. DC and I succumbed on Tuesday. All of us but Fluffy were lying around, groaning, cancelling plans right and left, not fixing meals because any food at all was intolerable.

On Wednesday we looked at the fridge and sobbed because Spring Break was halfway over and there was our Bucket List, with absolutely nothing crossed off! We decided it was time to change our attitude. We added something to the list that we could cross off.


Aren’t we the great examples of making our own sunshine? haha.

Fluffy did have his own bout with the bug on Thursday, and so we all got a chance to share in the fun. We noticed there are actually several upsides to having an entire family losing their appetite for days.

Here are some benefits you can have by ‘going green’:

  1. Save $ on groceries – couldn’t believe how much food was left by Saturday!
  2. Don’t have to do chores (Hummer noticed this one on the day he felt better and I asked him to empty the dishwasher.)
  3. No energy to spare for contention :) It was an unbelievably peaceful week.

It was a crazy long stomach bug and affected us all slightly differently, but I’ll spare you the details. It was just a roller coaster for everyone, each feeling better for a while then going back to nausea, then feeling better, etc. By Sunday everyone was fine except me. :’(

During some of our up times, we did manage to squeeze out a few fun things with whomever was feeling up to it at the time.

Geocaching for the first time in CO



Flying a kite for the first time in CO


(Fluffy was pushing his luck by joining us. . . .)


Looking back on it, I think this was the best part of the week. It really was magical.



All of us managed to get the kite up, even Rosebud.




So grateful that at least we had this happy time.


And there was a little bit of park fun, like roller-blading and tennis.

0317 to 0323


Below is a comical moment – for a minute Fluffy couldn’t see what had happened to the ball he just hit. . . .He looked all around for it while Exacto was laughing and laughing.

161 crop

We also watched Fiddler on the Roof over the course of four evenings and everyone loved it, even though it has a “sad ending.” I remember Dad saying that was his favorite movie –is it still?

DC had a busy Saturday away from home, I was still sick, and it snowed, for crying out loud, so we pulled out a special surprise we had been saving for just such an occasion. It was a hit, even for the non-princess-lovers. :)



I think it is awesome that her buvvas will play with her like this. She is such a lucky little girl!


On Sunday I stayed home with BYUTV and indexing while DC took the sweet ones to church. Here’s a picture of Rosebud ready for church except her shoes. :)


And so, it wasn’t what we had hoped for, but I guess things could very well have been worse. (Aren’t you anxious to visit us now? haha.)

We’ll remember the kite. :)




Montserrat Wadsworth said...[Reply to comment]

The last picture of Rosebud is so stinkin' cute I don't know how you can stand it! Sorry you all got sick during spring break. We were all sick at Christmas and it was terrible. Hopefully everyone is on the mend and better by now!

llamitanan said...[Reply to comment]

You are such a good writer about people I love so much. I'm sorry you were all sick. What a bummer! The wind is blowing merrily here--perfect day to "fly a kite and let it soar up to the highest height! Thank you for writing. I LOVE your "letters."

snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

I also love your letters to your mom and love that I get to read them, too. And I agree that you are a wonderful writer! I hope that all of you are finally feeling better. What a crummy time to get sick! I hope to be able to visit you all soon!

Vauna said...[Reply to comment]

I love how you can always see the roses through the thorns!
I was the only one really sick during our Spring Break. My poor kids were bored to tears. It was Thursday by the time I finally felt like I could leave the house. We took a field trip to the store. Friday I was up to going to the Children's Museum. Gary had been asking for that every day. Glad we finally got it in.
I'm glad you are feeling better. You are so amazing. I love reading your posts. It makes me feel like your family is a little less far away.

heroineworshipper said...[Reply to comment]

Undercooked ham can do that to you. Haven't had any problems since the end of dorm food.