Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear Mom, School has begun.

week of August 19 - 25

It was a busy week with school starting, but we all looked forward to Saturday when we would get to see a live broadcast of the Fort Collins Temple ground-breaking. 

On Monday we had our traditional end-of-summer “breakfast in the park.”


In the past we usually did it at Mills Park in Bryant, but this year we had to pick a new spot, of course, . . . .


. . . .so we went to Horsetooth Reservoir, where the boys had gone boating with the youth and actually so had I, with the Relief Society. (Yeah, our RS goes boating for activities. We’re pretty cool that way. :)


DC cooked up the waffles while we got to know the swimming area and after eating we all swam for hours.


That was also the day that we decided (with his input) to homeschool Fluffy for 7th grade this year. I’m excited!



The next day was the first day of school for the boys.

Exacto in 10th grade.


Pardon the headed-to-early-morning seminary lighting! (and yes, he was extremely underwhelmed with my pulling out the camera at that godly hour :).


And Hummer in 4th grade.


He rollerbladed to school. :o)


And Fluffy, who is homeschooling for 7th grade with band 2-3 times a week at the public middle school.


Rosebud already knows all about homeschool “fashion.” haha!

119 for blog

Rosebud is enjoying having a buvva home still during the day. And one day she found a pet beetle and named it, I can’t remember what.

0819 to 0825

Friday was DC’s first day of school, with an all-day orientation event. Of course I had to take his picture, too. . . .:)


He usually bikes to school, but that first day he took the city bus. There’s a stop very close to our house.


We had a pretty good first week, although it was overwhelming figuring out all the logistics of getting people there and back and where to meet them and Fluffy’s curriculum (I’ve never taught 7th grade before! yikes) and just all the paperwork and homework and tiredness from a new schedule. We made it, though!

And meanwhile it was so awesome to have Saturday to look forward to. . . .


I want to do a separate “Day of Gratitude” post for the temple groundbreaking, so the above is just an appetizer. :) Suffice for now to say that it was amazing and we had reason to rejoice.

That afternoon we went back down to Denver so as to see DC’s parents who had come to help Bob and Dani and of course to see our new niece again.



More cousin fun!




More ice cream!


A good time was had by all!

And the next day, Sunday, DC and I spoke in Sacrament Meeting, which proved reason enough for Mom and Dad Baker to drive up and attend our meetings and then have lunch with us afterward. Yay! I don’t know if I’ve ever been so glad I was giving a talk. :)


before church


after church

It was quite a week!



P.S. Hope to share soon about the groundbreaking! I know you’re anxious to see more photos from that. . . . :)


Vauna said...[Reply to comment]

Sounds like a wonderful week all in all. I love that you have an end of summer picnic.
I can't wait to hear about the groundbreaking.
Thanks for all the wonderful pictures, especially the ones with Marie and Lyla.

heroineworshipper said...[Reply to comment]

The violinist has traded his violin case for a book bag.

The Hof family said...[Reply to comment]

what curriculum are you using for Fluffy? Winona is in 8th Grade this year. She loves her curriculum, but she is so easy going. I don't really have to do much with her. She does most of it herself, which I'm glad about. Jacob and Melissa need still a lot of attention, especially Melissa. Good luck!

llamitanan said...[Reply to comment]

I LOVE your posts and especially all the pictures!!!!