Monday, June 6, 2011

Flat Stanley in Portland, Part One

Next Flat Stanley travels via USPS to Portland, Oregon, meets famous author, hobnobs with cute furry animals, and hits the stacks at Portland State!

(Hummer and Exacto are telling this from Flat Stanley's point of view)




Here, Aunt Annie and I are outside Powell's Books, one of the biggest independent book stores in the world.  I liked seeing all of the books there and remembering when I was still inside a book!



Here, Aunt Annie and I are visiting New York Times best-selling author Steve Berry at a book signing at Powell's books.  He was very tall.



Here I am with my Cousin Alice.  When Aunt Annie first put me by Alice, I was scared.  But we became friends before long.  Eventually I fell asleep against her because she's so warm and soft.  Her purring lulled me to sleep, too.



Here's me with my Cousin Paploo.  Paploo is smaller than Alice, so I wasn't as scared at first.




In this picture, I am watching the acrobats at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).  They were amazing!  The walls are made of glass, and I was worried that one of the acrobats might mess up and accidentally go through the wall.



Here Aunt Annie and I are at the Narnia Exhibit at OMSI.  At first I thought that the lion was real, so I was really scared!  Later I asked Aunt Annie if I could slide down the arm rail on the stairs, but she said that if I did, I might fall off.



Here, I'm outside Cramer Hall, Portland State University.  I wish that in "Cramer" they would put an "e" before the "a" and a "y" at the end.  Then they could put the word "ice" at the beginning and it would be "ice creamery hall."



Here I'm outside Millar Library, Portland State University.  It's five stories tall!  Since I'm so short, it seemed extra huge to me!


Becky said...[Reply to comment]

Looks like a great visit, Stanley. What a fun traveling life you have!