Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 51 - { snow days }

















I LOVE SNOW DAYS! Prayers of gratitude for TWO this week--yeehaw!!


Day One - 1/10/11

We had over 5 inches (more than our annual average!) that fell all afternoon Sunday and then continued during the night. Not only was school closed, but DC got to be home from work, too! Heaven!


The boys got their chores done quickly, we had bacon and cheese grits for breakfast, and then they headed outside to play in the snow. I did the Walmart bag trick that I remember from childhood to keep their feet dry, and it worked great. :) DC was sweet to watch Roseberry so I could go out and get my exercise for a while playing with them.


A good friend from the ward surprised us by clearing our driveway with his earthmover. It was funny because we didn't recognize him with all the snow gear on, and were wondering what on earth the guy was doing on our driveway. It was probably a good 10 minutes before I realized who it was, and went over laughing and apologizing and thanking.


It was a productive afternoon of finances and budget, menu and shopping list planning, and Family Home Evening lesson preparing, all with a cozy fire going and Roseberry napping and the boys outside with DC. They came in happy and glowing and ready for something warm to drink.


For FHE tonight I did a special lesson honoring Hummer for his birthday. We had him answer the traditional birthday scripture question, and played the favorites game, and then made a list of 7 things we love about him. For the game DC had put together a fun DIY version of Balderdash, using words from the Spelling Bee study guide the boys have been using. We did "kipper", "muumuu" and "wasabi", the last of which resulted in yet another nickname for Roseberry. :)

Leftover birthday cake and ice cream for refreshments, and now DC is putting the boys to bed, with another snow day to look forward to tomorrow!Hummer just asked me to put Aquaphor on his hands, and I told him to ask Daddy because I am writing in my journal. He said, okay, and then made me promise I would write about that in my journal. :)


It's hard to tell in this picture, but have you ever noticed how a trampoline sagging with snow looks like a giant contact lens? :)



Day Two - 1/11/11

This time we remembered to have the boys practice after their chores, and DC gave both Exacto and Fluffy violin lessons. I gave Fluffy a piano lesson. You know, I've heard lots of people say that they could never teach their own kids, and yes, there are moments when I wish I were paying someone and not having to worry about it. But then there are the times when I get to be the one to see that excitement when something new unveils itself in  their mind, or to see the thrill of a hurdle crossed and progress made. . . .


I went out into the snow again with them, to see and photograph the snowman of yesterday's construction in the vacant lot behind our property. The sun was shining brightly and there occasional gusts of wind, which made it seem quite different from yesterday's calm grey. Isn't it amazing how beautiful a blanketing of snow makes what is normally very drab?


DC made us macaroni-and-cheese egg patties for lunch, a somewhat kitschy but yummy meal from his childhood. I spent the afternoon working out a plan of action to help my Sunbeams - I guess you could call it my Gid and Teomnor strategy. Still leaning on those spiritual experiences to help me want to have a good attitude and do a good job. . . .


Tonight we went to a faux "workshop" meeting at city hall that had been scheduled a few weeks back, and was supposed to be specifically for the project on our street. It didn't happen, and so instead we found ourselves tracking down council members and trying to find out why. Nice. Our neighbors are trying to negotiate for a settlement but the city insists on appealing. It's starting to feel like Bleak House. . . .


my favorite photo from today

Coming back to our beloved sons and daughter and our cozy home and family scripture study was so soothing. I am sad that it's a "school night", but so grateful for these two extra days together!!

100 days of gratitude tagYup, Snow Days definitely make it to the 100 Days of Gratitude list.





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This is a wonderful way to do it! The photos, script, and format are perfect. Melanie's suggestion of digitizing you handwriting into a font is a great way to handwrite and save one step. Whatever you choose will keep me happy as long as it includes info about our sweet Baker family!