Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bloggy love

I just received my first blog award! Twice!

Two of my sisters here in Arkansas {heart} my blog. :)


This makes my day, because they are both women whom I admire deeply. They both have rock-firm testimonies, and a gift for showing love to others.

Thank you, Kara and Andrea!

As a recipient, I'm supposed to do three things:

1. List 5 things I love
2. Name 5 people who I would like to pass this award on to
3. Give some blog love to the person who gave me the award.


5 Things I Love

That's easy. . . .DC, Exacto, Fluffy, Hummer and Benjamin! :)

imageAnd just in case that's considered a cop-out, here are 5 more. . . .

dark chocolate,

Dickens' novels,


being with family,















2008 11 01 Mom, Sisters Cackling 005

5 People to Whose Blog I Now Bequeath This Illustrious Honor

Vauna, at My Healing Heart - DC's sister is awesome. She's been through (still going through) some tough times in the past year. She shares what she's learning, and it's so uplifting to read her thoughts.

Mandy, at My Sweeties & Me - my little sister who's living in Florida right now, putting her hubby through dental school. They have two of the cutest kids ever  (aside from all personal bias!) :)

Megan, of Love the Life You Live - one of my sisters in grief, having lost her two precious daughters earlier this year. She is a wonderful writer, and always seems to express exactly what I needed to be uplifted that day. I always love her posts.

Becky, at It's a Wilding World - wow, they're all sisters so far! This is my other "blood" sister. She has a great and unique sense of humor and an extremely cute little son, as well as some powerful spiritual insight, that makes reading her blog a joy.

Dallin, Vita Didii - one of my little brothers. He just returned home in July from a mission to Toronto, Canada, and is now a full-time student again at the Y. He's the one who got me started with gmail and all this blogging business! He's one of those everyone-likes-him kind of guys, and I love reading his insights about the gospel.


To My Arkansas Sisters Who Gave The Award

Kara is a friend close to my heart ever since May, when we coincidentally were on the same flight to Utah. She had recently moved into the ward, and I hadn't had much chance to get to know her (a common occurrence when one is serving in Primary! :). Amazing how a three-hour-flight can be enough to discover a newfound friendship! Kara is absolutely beautiful, and has a tender heart. She's had many health problems, and she and her husband are facing the heartbreak of infertility. Yet she cried with me over the loss of my fourth baby. Kara, you are truly one of the "peaceable followers of Christ."

Andrea has been such a blessing to me. She reached out to me at a time when I could not muster the strength to reach out to her. I have not known her long, but she is already such a dear friend. Her talents are endless, and she is very generous with them. She has taught me a lot about Photoshop / digital scrapbooking, and now I'm benefiting from her gift of making a home beautiful. (Stay tuned for updates on my blog!) She and her husband have three of the sweetest, best-behaved kids you'll ever see, and I love them, too. But the greatest gift I have received from her is the selfless love she has extended to me. Thank you so much, Andrea!!


Devin and Melinda said...[Reply to comment]

Congratulations on your award! I love the picture of you, your Mom and Becky. It makes me want to know what you were all laughing at!

Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

Thank you for the nice comments. You made my day!!

Natalie.Rob.Branson said...[Reply to comment]

Michelle...would have added you to my top 5 too, but I saw that Kara had already done it :) Thank you though for you amazing blog...LOVE IT!

Flamingo said...[Reply to comment]

I won't see you before your Birthday so Happy Birthday and thank you for letting us borrow the car seat!

Amy said...[Reply to comment]

You definitely deserve that award! That picture of your mom, Becky and you is priceless. You can just feel the fun and love.

snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

Congratulations! You are awesome and deserve every wonderful award there is!

I, too, LOVE the picture of you, your Mom, and Becky. It makes me smile!

Happy Birthday!!!