Thursday, August 16, 2007

Score on Craigslist!

We are excited because we just got a sweet deal (we think) on Craigslist on a glider rocker. Behold the pictures from the original posting. . . . .

It was being sold for $30.The seller suggested reupholstering it. Yes, I thought that was a good idea. :)

Well, when she dropped it off today (very nice of her), it was a LOT dirtier than the picture shows. It smelled of smoke. There was pet hair all over it, and lots of pink markings from an ambitious young artist. But there was a shining hope in the dark clouds. From a hole in the upholstery I could see blue underneath.

I started ripping. . . . . And to our joy and amazement, underneath was this!


A magic eraser took care of the pink marker on the wood, hopefully Febreeze will take away the smell of smoke, and I rubbed the whole thing down with antibacterial wipes.

I think we have ourselves a glider rocker! Yay!

Now we just need to put it in the "Baby's Room." I'm going to gulp down my pride and show you exactly why it's not in there YET. . .

The Baby's Room. (Poor baby!)


Nana/Mom said...[Reply to comment]

Wow! What a pleasant surprise to find the color you wanted underneath. Thanks for sharing! I love your blogs. Keep a postin'!

rustybeaver said...[Reply to comment]

This just adds to my testimony of craigslist. What a find!