Wednesday, April 2, 2014

quotables–time to chuckle!

One thing that has really helped me lately is remembering that I have a sense of humor. And that life can be very, very funny. I’ve been beefing up my “funny bone” Pinterest board, reading Calving & Hobbes and Middle-Aged Mormon Man, and best of all, just paying more attention to the hilarious people who live in my house. . . .

At the dinner table,

Rosebud told a long story about a pig named Connor, for whom things worked out ideally in almost every situation, from what he wanted his mom to fix for dinner to his dad giving him a story after all because Connor had been “naughty by accident."

The best part was when a razorback came into Connor's room while he was sleeping, and his dad was sleeping there too because Connor had asked him to, and the razorback roared and it woke them up, "and suddenly there was a flyswatter in Connor's hand."

Connor killed the razorback by hitting it really hard with the flyswatter and “then his dad threw the razorback out the window into the backyard so that they could have it for leftovers the next day.”

(And yes, the ending does frighten me a little.)


Rosebud: Hummer? After dinner, let's get married, okay?


Rosebud : I want to name one of my babies L'chaim. (with a surprisingly satisfying 'ch' :)


As we were driving,

Rosebud having had a rather short night and we having weathered several tantrums,

Rosebud, from her carseat: I wonder why I'm so creepy today?


Discussing a prospective purchase,

Exacto: I don't have enough money.

Hummer: Are any of your teeth loose?


Fluffy to Rosebud: Hi, princess!

Rosebud, fiercely: No! I'm a cicada!


Calling to the family generally,

DC: Let's have scripture study!

Exacto, at the table: Not right now -- I'm grading Fluffy's math!

Hummer, getting a drink: Photoshop comes from Greek.


Here's an old one I just found from about September. It's a story that Rosebud told me about Branchy Kum-and-Go's sister.

"Her name was. . . . . .Elizabeth. And she was a grasshopper. She jumped up into a tree with the squirrels. And the squirrels said, 'How are you doing, Grasshopper?' And she said, 'I'm doing great!'

. . . .<long pause>. . .

It goes on forever, so I'm just going to tell PART of it."


Walking around couch, singing,

Rosebud: My name is Humbelina. . . .


It was time to take Fluffy to band, and Rosebud insisted she couldn't go.

Rosebud: I need to take care of my children.

Me, seeing Pink Dada and Blue Dada in the doll high chair: You can bring them with you.

Rosebud: But they don't have seatbelts in the car!

Me: Tell them they need to wait patiently until you get back.

Rosebud: But they will be sad!

Me: Just put them down for a nap.

Rosebud: But their food will burn!

Me, getting desperate: You're such a good mommy, Rosebud. But you need to come now!

Me scooping her up and carrying her down the stairs,

Rosebud, pleading: What about my children?!

Buckled her into her car seat, and as we were pulling out of the garage,

Rosebud, solemnly: I can hear my babies crying.

An hour and a half later, after a productive trip to King Soopers and picking up Fluffy, we were pulling into our neighborhood.

Me: Rosebud, do you think your babies will be excited to see you?

Rosebud: I don't know. <pause> They're still crying.


Exacto: “They are herding us and we are bleating." (say it out loud :)


All during a scripture quiz. . . .


DC had asked Fluffy if he could name 4 missionary attributes from D&C 4, which he did.

We started to list some more: temperance, humility, diligence. . .

Hummer: Exuberance!

Fluffy was asked who the two sons of Joseph were.

Fluffy: Um, Ephraim, and um, Bangladesh.

DC was carrying Rosebud off to bed,

Rosebud: Put me down! I need to toot!

She ran over to the corner in our room where we are currently keeping the tax forms and paperwork and Daddy's OT textbooks.

Rosebud, squatting: This is where I toot.


Rosebud calls s'mores "mores", e.g., These are going to be yummy mores!
I love how she also says "lellow", and "flammly."


Rosebud helping me get dinner in the crock pot, adding whatever ingredients I hand her.

Me: Okay, next is 3 cups of chicken broth.

Rosebud: I want to put in the chicken bra!

____________ ____________

And last I heard, Studio C’s new season starts next Monday! Hang in there, everyone. :)


snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

Your quotables always make my day! Haha! I seriously love them so much. Your kids are so smart and hilarious. (I need to follow your lead and start writing down the witty things my children say.) I love that Rosebud has to toot in the corner with the taxes and the homework (seeing a parallel there?). I can't decide which quotable is my favorite. I think they all are. Thanks so much for sharing!

llamitanan said...[Reply to comment]

What a riot! Just reading your quotables sends me to your home and helps me feel your life. Each one of your children is so unique and I love each one so much. I'm glad their mom can see how wonderful they are. Keep the quotes coming!

Anastasia said...[Reply to comment]

Oh Rosebud honey, Auntie Annie is creepy *every* day.

Amanda said...[Reply to comment]

I shared your quotables with Jason as we were waiting in a doctor's office. I am pretty sure they will send us for a pysc consult in response to all the laughing.