Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 66–{ look to the day }

Look to the day when the world seems new again,
Morning so fresh that you could touch the sky.
The earth smells sweet and every flower looks bright
Shining in a dewy light as you wander by.

~John Rutter

This winter has been tough for me. I keep hearing that it is unusual for Fort Collins to have such long bitterly cold spells, but that hasn’t been much comfort in the midst of sub-zero temperatures and slippery roads with no snow days while fighting depression. I think for a while I even forgot that spring does eventually come. It does. Every year!


The middle of February was when work on the temple finally began. Evidently there was one more permit they had been waiting on, which had been delayed due to another large project going on in the city (a shopping mall renovation?).

We had been checking nearly every week since the groundbreaking in August, and were disappointed over and over at the lack of visible progress. A friend of mine joked, “Maybe we’re supposed to build it.” It has been tempting to get out there with a backhoe! If I only knew how to work one. :)

It was so exhilarating to drive by and FINALLY see some signs of construction beginning!


First there were just these red flags marking something in construction language (I have no idea what, but it was exciting. :) Even though it was bitterly cold when I took these first photos, to me it felt like spring!


Doesn’t that red flag resemble a tulip? Maybe? :)


A week later we saw that a chain link fence had been erected, trees felled and removed, and best of all, BIG MACHINERY and MOVED DIRT! Yippee!


And the next week, more trees gone, and LOTS of DIRT MOVED.

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(I’ve never been so excited to see a port-a-potty in my entire life. :)

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Winter was still very much present, but to see the ground broken up and change starting to take place reminded me of when the daffodil and tulip bulbs start to poke up out of the earth.


As I drove home from that first visit of seeing progress, this song was playing on my Mormon Tabernacle Choir cd.  (Couldn’t figure out how to embed a video of just the song, but follow this link to see it on YouTube – so worth it! It is gorgeous!)

I was amazed at how appropriate the words were for my feelings at that time!

Look to the day when the earth is green again,
Promise of spring after winter's sleep,
The sounds of life returning fill the air.
Music that's forever there,
For your heart to keep.

Deep in the earth lay the seed of life renewed,
Quiet and strong till the time of spring.
Life in each bud and shoot,
Life in each flower and fruit.
Look to that day when earth shall sing.
100 days of gratitude tag[7]


Thank You, dear Father, for the chance to live here and watch the building of this special place. And thank You especially for the hope and peace I feel as I see it begin.


llamitanan said...[Reply to comment]

Beautiful! Loved the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's rendition of "Look to the Day." Also loved your seeing the positive of a long, cold winter. How wonderful for your family to watch the building of the Temple! I loved taking our children to see the Snowflake Temple go up. We drove out there almost every day. fun, fun!