Monday, December 2, 2013

{ quotables }–Thanksgiving edition

Working on catching up the Dear Mom posts, but wanted to post these before it got too much past Thanksgiving. . . .



11/27/13 ~ Rosebud prepared a wonderful breakfast feast for Exacto and me to enjoy up in her room. As we downed our variety of plastic foods (she requires us to put them in our shirt so we can see how full we are :) she said, "There wasn't enough food, so I just gave Daddy and Hummer a lot of ketchup."




11/23/13 ~ Rosebud's on-the-spot thankful list

"I'm thankful for getting married in the temple,

I'm thankful for fish,

I'm thankful for roses,

I'm thankful for the way we smell things,

I'm thankful for presents on Christmas,

I'm thankful for Christmas,

I'm thankful for our families,

I'm thankful for having dinner,

I'm thankful for the rest of the food,

I'm thankful for Hummer, because he's wearing his onesies tonight,

I'm thankful for Exacto,

I'm thankful for you! (talking to me :)

I'm thankful for myself,

I'm thankful for my heart (patting it :)

I'm thankful for Fluffy,

I'm thankful for Daddy,

I'm thankful for Exacto, because he shares his calculator sometimes with me but not anymore,

I'm thankful for our home,

I'm thankful for the mushroom chair,

I'm thankful for mushrooms,

I'm thankful for things that we like,

I'm thankful for breakfast,

I'm thankful for dinner,

I'm thankful for lunch."




~ I noticed a new gap in Hummer's mouth and asked him, "You lost a tooth?"

Hummer: "Two! One was last Saturday, when Exacto and I were fighting, and then I found out whether or not the Tooth Fairy needed to be told. . ."

{ laughter from all of us }

". . . .and the other was when I was reading Pollyanna."

Exacto asked about the fighting -- he didn't remember when the tooth had come out, and Hummer said, "It was when I elbowed you."




~ Rosebud was enthralled with some lovely hand-me-down gold sparkly shoes. She put them on, saying fervently, "I want to wear these shoes until I'm old and feeble!"




~ Rosebud singing "The Farmer in the Dell" got to the last verse: "The cheese says hello, the cheese says hello. Hi-ho, the dairy-o, the cheese says hello."




11/22/13 ~ Mommy, distracted, talking to Rosebud: "Do you want to sit on my lap, Fluffy?"




11/20/13 ~ The weather was going to be bitter cold, and I was worried about Exacto walking home from school. (I usually pick him up on his way home). He said, "It's okay, Mommy."

I said: "It's not okay, you will freeze!"

Exacto: "It is okay. I will just curl up in a little ball, and you will see me on the ground."




11/19/13 ~ Hummer was dinking around on piano playing chords.

Rosebud: "That one sounded like a forest with a wolf in it."

Hummer laughed and played another one. "What about this one?"

Rosebud: "It sounds like being poor."




11/18/13 ~ Exacto's thankful list (provided with glib explanations of each one):

ottomen (sic) - octaves - lines - mushrooms - math - movement - saliva - eyebrows - candles - locks - carbon - bikes - magnets - imaginary numbers! - staples

DC's thankful list:

Rosebud - Benjamin - Exacto - Fluffy - Hummer - Gip - Nana - Grandpa Bailey - Grandpa Baker - Grandma Baker - a warm house - yummy food - scriptures - apostles - temple blessings - the Atonement - the Resurrection - running water - gravity - our bodies - good health - ice cream - peaceful place to live - smiles - hugs - good movies - love at home - beautiful fall colors - spring flowers - sunshine - blue sky - cars that work - computers

Fluffy's thankful list:

the Friend - the Ensign - the New Era - the Liahona - food - dessert - desert - cactus - birds - butterflies - Fablehaven - Little Women - Little People - Rosebud - Imm. Family - Nana - Grandpa - Grandma Baker - Grandpa Baker - aunts - uncles - cousins - 2nd cousins - Extended Family - veterans - America - American flag - George W - Abe L - teddy bears - stuffed animals - cats - Precious - dogs - Ruby - Guy Smiley - scriptures - prophets - Priesthood - sacrament - temples - baptism - Holy Ghost - Atonement - Jesus Christ - general conference - President Monson - Mormon TC - Missionary TC - IC (ice cream) - chocolate - sun - moon - stars

Hummer's thankful list (in beautiful cursive):

Family - House - Bathrooms - Food - Nature - Laws - Schools - Church - Life - Books - Electricity - Bodies - Doctors - Light - Prophets - Animals – Plants




heroineworshipper said...[Reply to comment]

Don't miss the fighting part of childhood, but never lost a tooth because of it, despite having a particularly short temper.

Karrot Soup said...[Reply to comment]

I love that you have someone thankful for imaginary numbers! I wish I had a magical ticket to Colorado so I could meet all of those awesome kids :)

I don't know how to get mathematical symbols in a comment, but if Exacto hasn't heard this joke yet, have him go look this image up: