Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell, 2012. You were a good one.


We sent physical Christmas cards to everyone who sends us one, plus a few lucky-ducks who get one no matter what. Here’s the photo of our card, and a post adapted from the enclosed letter.

our Christmas card, for blog



clip_image002Michelle lists. . . .


Our Top Ten* Blessings of 2012

*only 10, because there truly are too many to list

1. Inspiration received for DC to change careers ~ He is now working toward becoming an occupational therapist.

2. The restored gospel in our lives ~ Hummer’s baptism and confirmation into the Church of Jesus Christ (with all 4 grandparents in attendance) and Exacto’s ordination to the office of teacher

3. Being together, in good health, and knowing we’ll be with Benjamin again

4. Attendance at two temple weddings for my youngest brothers, a September one in Arizona and a November one in Utah

5. Fluffy’s 1st time to hike the Grand Canyon / my experiencing heat exhaustion and then a miracle through the Priesthood (hope I get to blog about this one – it was amazing)

6. A 15th anniversary celebration cruise to Cozumel. . . and homeowners insurance that covered the floor replacement made necessary by a toilet flood the day before we left!

7. Attending the Kansas City Temple Open House, and a wonderful Easter Sunday with cousins in Bentonville, AR

8. Seeing most of DC’s family and all of mine during our summer trip to Colorado, Utah, and Arizona

9. Three visits from my sister Becky’s family, and one from my sister Mandy’s

10. Having my dream job of full-time mothering, with Rosebud as a very sweet constant companion


Vauna said...[Reply to comment]

I'm so grateful for your occasional updates. I'm also grateful to live in utah and be able to see you when you come to visit. Hopefully 2013 will bring all the good things that 2012 did and more.
I've been thinking of you so much in the last day and a half as we almost lost Lauren yesterday morning. Roland was pulled from sleep early in the wee morning with a feeling to check on her. She was not breathing and it took quite a lot of effort but he finally was able to arouse her. We spent most of the afternoon getting tests done, all of which have come back normal. I'm filled with gratitude today and my heart goes out to you fit what you've been through. I hope you know that I admire and respect you so much. You've always been such an inspiration to me.

Chris said...[Reply to comment]

@VaunaWow, Vauna, I am sooo grateful that Lauren is okay. That's twice Roland has followed a prompting and saved someone's life!
Thanks for your sweet comment. I am grateful for the time we spent together in 2012, although it's never enough. :)

Chris said...[Reply to comment]

Um, that was me, Michelle, who wrote the above comment! (Silly google can't keep straight who's signed into what! :)

Annalisa said...[Reply to comment]

wonderful!! smiles, anna