Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday in Heaven!

Dear, sweet Benjamin ~

Today marks four years since you joined our family, and our celebrations have been joyful.




Last night we took 5 shiny balloons to the cemetery, just as the sun was setting. We each wrote notes to you on 4 of the balloons.




(The fifth I tied to the hook near your grave).




Then we walked to the shore of the lake, and released the balloons up into the sky. As we watched them rise we sang I Am a Child of God.







We came home and had your traditional birthday dinner, the No Empty Chairs family home evening lesson, and then carrot cake and ice cream.





We prayed that it wouldn’t be raining today. . . .

(to be continued)


Annalisa said...[Reply to comment]

beautiful memories! happy birthday benjamin! loves & hugs to you & yours.

Amy Kay said...[Reply to comment]

Happy Birthday dear Benjamin! Thinking and praying for your sweet family. Michelle, what is the meal you photographed, it looks so yummy. Thank you for all your posts, they are a great reminder. We love you all!

Martie said...[Reply to comment]

You have been in my heart all week, Michelle. I hope you are feeling peace. Much love! Martie

Becky said...[Reply to comment]

Wonderful celebration. We love sweet Benjamin. I think he loved those cheery, shiny balloons just as much as the lanterns (and they were much safer). I'm sending our pictures as soon as I get a chance. Love you!

Cindy said...[Reply to comment]

I always love to read your posts about Benjamin's birthday! It makes me smile and helps me remember that families are forever and although this life feels so lonely and challenging at times, it is just a short while in the grand scheme of eternity. Then, we'll all be together and things will be perfect. Love you :-)

Vauna said...[Reply to comment]

Dear Michelle, I am so touched by this beautiful post. I'm so grateful that my amazing brother married someone equally special.
Happy birthday Benjamin, I'm glad you know how much your parents love you.

Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

Beautiful post. What a fun way to celebrate. Do you have Cafe Rio for dinner? Mmmm.. my favorite. It looks like it was a joyful day. I love that you have made it a celebration for a celestial boy.