Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 45 - { joys of having boys }

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I have planned this post for a while, but as our days with only boys are now numbered, I knew it was time to crank it out. :)

I have absolutely loved having all boys. I don't have anything to compare it to yet, of course, but for me, life with my boys has been full of creativity, noise, live creatures from the outside world, tight hugs, and surprises almost every day.




One thing that has really delighted me and cracked me up is to see how they play with toys--also where they leave them, and how I find them!


See this beautiful ceramic dealie that exudes the beauty and grace of motherhood?




Here's what I found when I dusted BEHIND it (no telling how many weeks? months? it had been there!). . . .


(Little did I know before I had children that stretchy purple spiders would be part of the joy of motherhood.)


Some other toy-creativity gems. . .


2009 03 25 Michelle's Photos 136

I bet you didn't know that Rubix cubes should be refrigerated!



. . . .from Election Day last year. There's something symbolic about this one, I just know it!


I love this next one. You can totally see the logic behind it if you've ever read Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad stories. 

This was what greeted me as I came into my bedroom to go to bed one night.



The book was open to this page. I LOVE IT! :)





But here is my personal favorite.


I sat down on the {ahem} throne one evening in our guest bathroom, and had the eerie feeling I was being watched.


I looked over. . . .


and saw this facing me from across the sink!



I had nightmares that night.


Sometimes I wonder if the boys just sit and dream about ways to crack me up.



Some more charming pictures of alternative uses for household toys. . . .


Stretchy ball that has split its seam = headgear, of course!





Toad + medicine syringe = forcefeeding at bathtime



I love the energy of our boys. (Most of the time!) One fun tradition Exacto and Fluffy have right now is bidding a dramatic farewell to whichever parent happens to be leaving. Someone (I think it was probably DC) taught them that "goodbye" in German (auf wiedersehen) is pronounced similarly to saying "our feet are the same". They thought that was hilarious. So now when we're pulling out of the garage, they'll come running out jumping on one leg, holding up the other and yelling, "Our feet are the same! Our feet are the same!"

I love the funny things they say. You wouldn't believe (or maybe you would!) the reports I get from Hummer's comments in Primary. Or from his prayers (ahem). He was made infamous by a particular prayer a couple of weeks ago, in which he prayed that we would have macaroni and cheese for lunch. (I was relieved to get home and see some leftover in the fridge! :)

I love (again, most of the time) that they collect things from outdoors. We have had snails crawling around on our table (they had to bring them in so that the snails would relax and come out of their shells), toads on the stairs and under the piano (that was the start of a new commandment in our home of NO LIVE FERAL ANIMALS in the house), acorns and rocks and pinecones and feathers, often coming through the laundry from being stuffed into pockets.

So, what will it be like with a little GIRL in this household?



We are so excited to find out we can hardly stand it. . . . 

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I can't wait.


Malauna said...[Reply to comment]

I have to agree, boys are GREAT! I think your boys may take the cake though. Such fun is in store for you!

Annalisa said...[Reply to comment]

that is awesome. boys are hilarious. our house its lego people...we find them everywhere.

Becky said...[Reply to comment]

I think your boys have especially unique personalities. I look forward to seeing and learning your girl's unique personality. She may like bugs as much as the rest of them...

snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

I totally agree with Becky. And I was just wondering what your little girl will be like as she grows, having three older brothers for examples. Maybe she'll be super girly and love purses and jewelry, or maybe she'll just be a tomboy and follow the boys around doing boy things. And quite possibly, she will be a good mix of both! It won't be long, Michelle!

Vauna said...[Reply to comment]

Thanks for the great laughs. You have to have boys to really understand, it's a hoot. I love having a little girl to finish it off. You will too.

Andre said...[Reply to comment]

A couple hints about girls: they are very emotional, and they like to be pretty. My five year old has already chosen the uh, man she's going to marry, so watch out! It'll be great.

Cindy said...[Reply to comment]

This post made me laugh and laugh! Boys are so funny. I'm sure you will love having a girl! I'm so excited for you!

Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

I love this post. I am laughing and laughing. I am so glad that you documented all those funny things.
You are a wonderful mother.