Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 19 - { baby brother bookend }

Jofus post


I'm the oldest of 8 children. My youngest brother Jofus is still living at home (but not for much longer! sniff sniff). He was born 5 days before my 13th birthday. In fact, he ruined my birthday party by coming a month early. Mom had planned a surprise party for me, had made the invitations and all, but was diagnosed with toxemia and had to deliver right away.

Little Giuseppe may have flattened the birthday party plans, but I still thought he was the best birthday present ever! I loved my tiny new brother! I was like a 2nd mom to him, babysitting, changing diapers (he loves it when I bring that up); I even took notes on his growth and progress.

He has gotten only more adorable as he's grown up, of course. :)

And since we've been in AR, there's been a sort-of tradition that Mom and Dad and whichever children are still living at home come to visit us for Spring Break! WOOHOO! I can't wait till this Sunday, when they get here!


Jofus post2


My Baby Brother is like me in a lot of ways--

born in December, musically inclined,

a little bit cranky in the mornings,


passionate about food,


and completely--perhaps unhealthily--obsessed with books.

Thus we have acquired the nickname of "The Bookends", being the first and the last in the family.

Jofus post1


What truly amazed me is how my little brother handled Benjamin's death. He was here for the birth. This almost-17-year-old lovingly held him and cried. He brought us the Sacrament in the hospital the next day. He babysat his other nephews for literally hours so that Mom and Dad could help with funeral arrangements. After I came home from the hospital, he helped me up and down the stairs, offering his arm as if for a dance. :) He led the music for the funeral.

A couple of weeks later when I was crying to him that I wanted another baby boy right away, he said, "I want a niece this time. You've already had 4 boys!" Awesome. 100 days of gratitude tag

Anyway, I hope he doesn't mind me sharing all this. I just want you all to know how wonderful he is. 

I'm grateful to be his big sister.


Two more days!


Jofus post3


Devin and Melinda said...[Reply to comment]

Great post! I really enjoyed all the pictures of you two together. I know you all will have fun during spring break!

snbjork said...[Reply to comment]

Wow, what a fun week you're in for! Your brother is so cute and sweet. Any girl would be lucky to have one such brother (and you have a bunch!)! And, while we're on the topic, you're a pretty nice sister, too!

P.S. I love the bookend cute are they??!!

Vauna said...[Reply to comment]

Everyone should have a family like yours or DC's.
Have a great visit.

Karrot Soup said...[Reply to comment]

Naw, you could never be cranky in the mornings...or ever. Maybe just less than effusive!

Mom/Nana/A. Nancy said...[Reply to comment]

I LOVE my bookends and all the books inbetween! Great post and pictures!

Andre said...[Reply to comment]

Too fun. I love the great relationship I have with all my siblings. My parents come for spring break and will be here this week, too!

Amy said...[Reply to comment]

This is such a fun post. You are so creative and a photoshop pro!

Mrs. Tapa said...[Reply to comment]

This post is so fun and so well-done! Every one of your posts is a work of art--reminds of that new(er) awesome "MormonMessage" youtube video "Create," featuring President Uchtdorf's talk. Sometimes I am truly left speechless/wordless by some of your posts.

I just have to say how beautiful your new blog header is! How did you do your boys' sillouhettes? That would be such a fun thing to do for a reunion or something!

Also--I love your choice of songs on the playlist. JJ was just being kind of fussy, playing on the floor by himself. When "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need" came up on your playlist, he IMMEDIATELY quieted down and listened calmly and intently to the entire song. Thank you for sharing the joy and peace that comes from sacred music on your blog and reminding me to keep such music alive in my daily life.

I love you, Michelle!